Adidas XT 4.0 Cricket Batting Gloves Review

Adidas XT 4.0 Cricket Batting Gloves Review 

hi guys it's Deepak here from it's just

cricket and as you can see I'm rounding

out my review of the added us xt batting

gloves I've already reviewed the 1.0 and

the 3.0 and we've now got the 4.0

batting gloves as you can see here now

these before we go any way over see the

4.0 it's a real kind of lower end to a

club club cricketer range they're sort

of nothing fancy but they do give you

excellent value for money so if you're

someone looking for a glove that you

know just needs to be functional you

don't really want to spend too much

money maybe you're only playing on a

Sunday or you're a lower or a batsman or

something like that

then these are absolutely perfect for

you because I do think they look pretty

stunning they're obviously that split

finger they really got to split but

they've still got that sort of trademark

Adi that's branding on and that's what I

quite like actually you've got this

looks in terms of the this or aesthetics

exactly like the 1.0 top Anglo so I

think just because you're getting me the

cheaper glove it doesn't mean that they

have to look any worse and I think they

look stunning alongside the xt white

range specifically so in terms of like I

said they are split fingered glove

they're only a two split which for me me

and Paul were discussing this or

off-camera before it doesn't it doesn't

necessarily make sense either you go

with a three split to match the nut

cause of your fingers or you go with a

sausage finger which is pretty curved

because if you look obviously on your

fingers you've got one two knuckles four

split points so when you only put two

splits your it doesn't actually

complement the the split of your finger

because you've basically not got enough

room for the split so you're not going

to splits to focus on the joint so

they're a little bit they're not it just

feels a bit unnatural so they might take

a bit of time to get used to but the

benefit of that is without having to put

three or four splits they can make them

a little bit cheaper and more accessible

protection though otherwise it's pretty

good you've got a couple of inserts here

actually which I was surprised by you

can maybe just about see if you zoom in

the outline on these left-handed gloves

of the insert on the to lead fingers

which I wouldn't expect on a glove of

this sort of a level which is really

good nice feature you've got obviously

not an embossed and yes logo but a

printed on one and then the big

difference apart from the two

differences main ones on this compared

to the 3.0 glove which is about 10 to

12-pound more expensive of 3.0 is

firstly you getting two splits against

three and secondly and a big difference

is on these

I'd bar I mean there's nothing there's

no there's three on the three-point no

easy to remember but there's none on the

bottom how old sorry the right hand on

these left-handed gloves and there's

only one on the on the sort of bottom

main hand so you aren't getting that

level of protection from the shock

dissipation that you do get on the 3.0

turn to the palms they're a fairly

standard sheepskin leather palm it's

actually quite for this price it's a

nice part it's flexible it's soft it

feels nice on the hands you got a to

split thumb without the thumb again

doesn't have the reinforcement that

you're getting on the higher-end gloves

and you do get a fair bit of an airflow

around the side you know the main thing

to notice there's none of that we really

love the the emboss values branding on

the wrist strap on the other gloves the

treatment and the 1.0 but you're not

getting that on here obviously embossing

is a bit more expensive than printing

and they could trying to keep costs down

on this glove so you've only got a sort

of printed added that's branding there

but it's still a good quality wrist

strap and it will keep the gloves on

nice and tight you've also got a sort of

reinforced leather tip on the thumb

they're exactly the same it's more of a

grain leather where's this more so cheap

leather so that is a bit softer a bit

more so you should wear a little bit

better and even then you've got yeah and

you have got things like a reinforced

wear patch where the stitched area is

where generally obviously these

left-handed ones that is where the if

you look that's the palms a bit there if

you look that's where the bat rests in

the hand so that's generally where the

gloves sort of where the most to have

that on a lower end glove is a nice

touch well that's what the protector is

to me is probably one of the best things

you can hear that reinforcement which

I'm the glove of this level is good

again pretty decent foam insert and

because these got the TPU inserts and

these are just a phone sell like I said

you wouldn't be wearing these of your

faces on the top end from up level

County balling but pretty sort of 2nd

3rd 11 Saturday or Sunday player or

junior player these are absolutely

perfect and again that is not even

mentioning the price we're selling these

for just below the 30 pound mark which

in this day and age this modern market

is incredible I think the value for

money in these 4.0 and indeed the 3.0 is

well is incredible you don't get any

frills but you do get good quality

protection a very good quality palm and

nice looking gloves which for just

another 30 pound mark I don't really

think you could ask for more there you

go guys that's the

and it has XT 4.0 batting gloves we've

got them in left and right handed in our

London show more we can ship them

anywhere in the world

summer is a very good quality glove for

the price very good value for money।,,,,,
Adidas XT 4.0 Cricket Batting Gloves Review 

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