8 Cool Chrome Extensions || chrome web store android extensions

8 Cool Chrome Extensions || chrome web store android extensions
8 Cool Chrome Extensions || chrome web store android extensions

which ago is gone another video here for

you in this one we're going to be taking

a look at 8 cool extensions for your

Chrome browser so let's get started it's

open up our Chrome browser here now

these are in no particular order I'm

just going to pick these at random so

let's go into apps and then your

webstore here now the first one we're

going to be taking a look at here is

called Gremory and if you look at this

one here this is awesome if you are very

poor at spelling like myself and also

poor punctuation and things like that

what this does is it basically really

helps you out so let's just add this to

our extension here to our browser and

then once we've got that we're just

going to set up a quick account and it's

pretty easy to do they do pro versions

of this as well but the free version

works really really well and it's great

if you're an article writer or if you

just want to check spelling or sort of

punctuation or anything like that it

really really is good at picking up that

sort of stuff so let's take a look at an

example here at this demo document that

they've got here as you can see it this

really poor English here and also very

poor spelling and a lot of people suffer

from this because obviously we live in a

computer age today where we don't use

pen and paper much nowadays and this is

a really great tool for helping you fix

a lot of these issues so you can quickly

look at a document and make changes it

also gives you suggestive words to

change as well for better words for that

document and I use it all the time and I

find it really useful but specially for

me because I'm a pretty poor spelling

myself and also sometimes they use the

wrong words and this is a really great

way of tidying up a document to make it

look like you're a bit more educated

than you really are so let's take a look

at here you can see looks really really

nice is checking a document and you can

use this on emails any sort of document

on your Windows machine just take a look

at here another app we can look at so

I'm going to go into the App Store here

and I'm just going to quickly click on

apps here and then go back into the App

Store and we'll take a look at another

one so another one we're going to be

looking at here today is called let's

have a look here so we've got HTTP this

is another great plug-in that you can

use for your browser now what if you

don't know what HTTPS is basically it's

going to keep you protected when you're

surfing the web rather than just using

HTTP which were normally used to using

so all you do is just add this to your

Chrome browser by clicking on the add

extension and once you got that I'll

take you to the website and I'll show

you even an example here and without

going into great detail you can search

for HTTPS and find out what the ecchi

does and what it actually is rather than

me explain it in this whole video but if

you look at the top here we have a

little plug in here now called enable

HTTPS Everywhere I'm just going to

disable that for now and then go to our

website here and show you exactly what

happens so if I type in here HTTP colon

and in BBC Co dot uk'

and it's not got the HTTPS in front of

it so you're unsecured here now if

you're doing Apple web sites your best

to use this particular plug-in because

it's really good for making sure that

all web sites are light now HTTPS so let

me just quickly enable this and then

we're going to do the same website again

you don't have to put the head s in it

will do it automatically and there you

go we're on a secure website now and all

our data is being protected and it's

much more secure to use and it's a free

little extension that you can use just

go on to number 3 here and move on to

this next one this is called traffic

light this is by bitdefender and I find

this much more better nowadays than the

weather the Trust which is another one

that you can use so I'm just going to

load up traffic light here if you don't

know what traffic like it light is it

basically protects you when you're

surfing the web you can see I'll have

like a traffic light system green and

and rid which means obviously their

risky sites when their amber and red and

like I said it keeps you safe when

you're surfing the web it's not 100

proof safe but when you're doing a

search here as you can see I'm do a

search page for cracks or crack software

or something like that and what will

happen is it will try to detect some bad

sites and you can see the little ticks

down the side the little green ticks

that means these sites have been checked

and they're okay and of course when you

go and find a bad one

it will either be amber or red and you

can read up about it before you click on

that site so you can see here this is a

free crack software FCS let's just click

on that red I don't even have to click

on it it'll tell you what it is is a

phishing site basically so stay away

from that and that's exactly how this

works so it's a really decent buddy kit

to keep you safe when you're surfing the

web as long as you know how to work it

it's pretty straightforward the next one

we're going to take a look at is whether

trusty I'm not going to install this but

this is another one that works in a

similar way the thing I find wrong with

weather trust is that basically a lot of

people now have been putting false

claims about sites and it's become a

little bit because it's community run

and I just don't like the way that works

even at my site on their flag at one

point and I had to get them to reduce it

and it is because one person was

flagging my site because of some reason

I don't know so let's move on to the

next one and the next one is chrome

remote desktop now this is another

little useful tool if you've got family

members only one like that that you want

to quickly remote in and fix their

computer you can do it straight through

your browser by using chrome remote

desktop is really useful to use and

there is other ones out there you can

see as simplistic it is it's very easy

and I basically you give them a number

they give you a number of vice versa and

you can connect to each other's computer

and you can send icon there right in the

apps area here and it see it's just wait

for authorization and you could be

talking to that person over the phone

and it allow you to connect in now this

TeamViewer there's other

ones like that as well but this one is a

nice little add-on for your browser okay

let's move on to another one this is

called the camel Iser and this is

another useful little one if you want to

check out prices so if you're always

buying stuff on Amazon and things like

that then this is a really must have

little tool because it will tell you

exactly what the prices are like and how

they've been fluctuating over the course

of that time they can see hit supported

retailers on Amazon us/uk de FR and all

those other sites that you see listed

there so let me just do a quick search

for some headphones here and I'll give

you an example how this works is pretty

straightforward and basically I'm just

going to look for say these headphones

here in no particularly Sini's already

on sale and we're just going to click on

the can Eliza at the top and this will

then load up some information about this

product and about the data and you can

see it gives you a full graph here of

exactly the third-party sellers used new

and on Amazon and it tells you the

lowest price and the highest price and

the current price and it will tell you

when that happened in what year and how

its fluctuating to know it's gone up or

down so you can buy is best time and you

can put in there some details and create

a price watcher so when it does drop you

can then get a notification and then

purchase those headphones a much cheaper

price so it's a really useful little bit

of Birkett to have on your browser

especially if you use Amazon a lot like

I do and I find it very very useful and

I like the way that the graphs show you

the amount of money that you can save if

you buy a certain particular time now

keeping on that same topic we're going

to go to invisible hand this is another

great little tool that I found for your

browser especially if you use Amazon a

lot and I'm just going to quickly

install this and I'll show you how this

works basically you put this onto your

browser the same thing as an extension

you can disable and remove these if you

want to and if you use Amazon a lot say

for instance you're searching for a

particular item we're just going to put

both speakers here and they were just

going to click on

these doesn't really matter what you

look at whether it be speakers or any

talk with technical gadget anything

really so you can see we've got a pricey

of 149 pounds of 95 pins we can go up to

the top here for the invisible hand it

will then load up this little screen

compare prices and it's giving us eight

prices and you can see it's surf the

area on the internet and try to find the

cheapest price and it's found one there

440 pounds now again there's free

shipping on that so you're gonna save

yourself nine pounds 95 and then

sometimes going to get big savings and

sometimes you're not going to get any

savings at all because that is the best

price that you can possibly get so you

can do your research it's a really handy

tool if you're after saving a few quid

and because money's tight sometimes and

you have every penny counts so saving

those little extra few quid does help

over the long runs fish if you buy a lot

of products over the years so you can

see here we'll just do another search

here for some speakers 18 million pounds

and 95 points and you can see you can

get these for 74 pounds right there and

it also has free shipping so you can

also show your money so Amazon is not

always the best option you just need to

do your research and use something like

this and it will take you to that site

and again you can then purchase them

pretty straightforward and easy to do

very very useful get it to lab on your

browser let's move on to another one

here this is a really cool little tool I

use these sort of tools a lot specially

when I'm creating tutorials and stuff

like that this is called Evernote Web


and if you're into taking snippets of

the web and saving them for later

articles and stuff like that and you'd

like to read up on them a little bit

later on when you've got some time and

you've got a tablet or something like

that then this is great because it

allows you to save all these and I'll

show you how it works here so let me

just load up Evernote here so just go to

this website here I'm just going to use

this as an example there's no particular

article here that I need I'm just going

to show you and give you an example so

let's take a look here at the top right

hand side if

click on article it puts in a nice

article format and you can save these

for later on and later viewing or

reading you can save them you can see

simplified article full page and you

also got this little capture tool here

which I like which allows you to capture

something like this and then you can

also save that or make edits to that on

the fly straight here without any issues

and of course it is free as well you can

change colors zoom in zoom out you've

got all the little tools here crop

masked at all there's some even some

stencil here and there's also some other

bits like little arrows you can point an

arrow to something if you wanted to show

someone an example with what you're

actually talking about sometimes it's

very difficult and you can put a little

arrow there and also you can add a

little speech on there if you want to do

a bit text and just go look at this or

whatever you want to say let's just

quickly put this in here just to show

you there you go it's that simple and

this is a free little gadget you can

install on your browser very very useful

I like it a lot and use it a lot and

this is just a simple way of saving

stuff as well like that so let's move on

to another one and we're going to go

back into the app store here LastPass is

another one that people always mention

and with good reason because obviously

keeping all your passwords safe and

encrypted is very important because if

you're part if you lose your password

and stop writing them down on a piece of

notepad or something like that is really

unsafe anyone could pick that up but

putting them into LastPass and keeping

that key onto a USB key which is very

cheap and you can keep it on your person

that would mean that only in a person

that plugs in that USB key and also has

the decryption part will be added view

all your passwords very very safe and

secure views this for a long long long

time and it's very worth having all you

need to do set up your account go next

they do have paid versions as well if

you're more of a heavy user but the free

version works pretty well and which is

loading here and there you go

they can put in all your passwords

securely I like to personally save them

to a file on my USB flash drive rather

than having them on the computer and

that way they'd never ever attached to a

computer at all it's always on my person

and that's very useful for something

like that but as you can see here secure

notes form feels and stuff like that

very useful better kipnis and if you're

not using anything like this right now

you should be doing it especially in

today's world so another one is called

uncial turn it and this is another

useful one for security as you can see

here basically what this does many

people use short links nowadays adding

this to your browser is really going to

save you a lot of time and also keep you

nice and secure especially if you get a

link from someone and you don't know

where it's going to basically you click

on that link and that could be it it

could be infected or anything like that

so let me just show you how this works

I'll just go onto the Internet here and

you can see a short link here this is a

short link I found on the internet if

you click on this push enter it will

take you to this Google dots box place

and of course if you want you to

download this file you click on this

download link that someone send you and

all of a sudden the file will come down

and guess what you're going to get

infected and that's as easy as that and

you can see BitDefender traffic light as

block this also this page and sale it's

dodgy and you can take get me out of

here and you can see the far we're still

dropped on the system but that's how

easy it is to get infected nowadays if

you're not careful let me give you

another example here this is a short

link here used for Amazon and also what

it will do is it will take you to the

uncial and its website and it will load

up the information there give you all

the information about weather trust tell

you when it's a trustworthy site you can

see the image here what it's showing you

where that link will take you to so if

it's a porn site or digi site like that

that you don't want to go to then you

can just refuse to go there and you're

not going to get any problems so that's

a really awesome way of keeping yourself

safe I hope you like these are cool

add-ons these are eight of them for you

my name is brian from protect computers

Cody Kate.....

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