5 BEST Money Making Apps 2019 | best money making apps

5 BEST Money Making Apps 2019 | best money making apps
5 BEST Money Making Apps 2019 | best money making apps

five best money making apps for your

smartphone or mobile device that is what

I'm gonna be showing you in this video

guys okay so stay tuned for that but

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like I am okay guys I've just realized

like every single time that I tried to

record this intro this little guy is

making noise okay I cannot get him to be

quiet and I can't leave him alone so I'm

very sorry if you hear any strange

sounds like you did in the intro is this

dude's fall okay very sorry but that's

gonna do this video guys alright guys so

I've got all sorts of different apps to

show you today and this is the first one

on your screen right now this is receipt

hog okay so with this one it's very very


you take pictures of your receipts and

you upload them onto this app you will

get bonuses in the form of points and

then you can then exchange those points

for prizes okay all sorts of different

prizes you can redeem it for a

straight-up PayPal cash if you're stuck

for some cash you can get redeem it as

some for some PayPal cash or you can get

Amazon vouchers all sorts of different

things okay you can check out the app it

is on both the iTunes Store whatever you

call it the App Store and the Google

Play Store as well okay and as you can

see guys this is a legit app look at the

reviews eighty-seven thousand reviews

with a 4.5 star rating is a very very

popular app a lot of people use this and

it is simple like I said how it works

take pictures of your receipts from any

store restaurant or cafe in receipt hog

rewards like coins spins of the virtual

slot machine and sweepstake prizes cash

out with PayPal or Amazon gift cards

okay so all sorts of things you can get

with this and it's very very simple to

use like I said it is on the App Store

as well 53,000 ratings of a 4.7 star

rating on here very very popular app and

a very good one to get some cash easily

alright guys and the next app that I

want to show you is this one right here

this is dosh app okay so dosh is a

smartphone app that gives you cash back

every time you make a purchase at

participating stores using your credit

card okay so you link your credit card

to the app and every single time you use

that card to make a purchase it

automatically gives you a cashback okay

you don't have to do anything on the app

whatsoever you just link your card to it

whenever you make a purchase with that

card you will automatically get the cash

back so it's a really really nice way to

make money and honestly when I use it I

always forget that I'm actually using it

okay because I don't actually have to

touch the actual app I just check back

every few months and in my wallet are

gonna have a few protein usually like a

few hundred bucks guys okay because I

just forget about it and I don't even

take a look at it most the time I just

let it run in the background I've got

notifications off as well so it's just a

nice surprise every time I remember

about it so once again guys this is on

the App Store and the Google Play Store

so you can come on over here it's got

some really good ratings as well this

one guys eighty thousand four point

seven rating on the App Store and thirty

five thousand with a 4.6 rating on the

Google Play Store so guys very very

popular app once again I've actually

made a video on this recently because

they've got a very good referral system

as well every single one person you

refer to get this app and they link a

verified card you're gonna get five

dollars for each person okay so if you

gotta some family and friends tell them

about this as well it's gonna get them

some money as well and you'll get five

dollars for every one that you sign up

so check this one out guys really really

nice app link for this in the

description down below alright up for

anyone who's looking to start saving up

for your future and investing for

retirement you should consider checking

out acorns okay this is a beginner

friendly investing app that can help you

get started with investing using just

your smartphone okay so this app gives

you a $5 bonus once you sign up so all

you got to do is create an account

you're gonna get $5 straight away and

then guys you can start invest and they

make it very easy they've got some

tutorials on their website on the app

itself so check it out guys really nice

app if you're looking to get into

investing it's a really nice place to

start if you've never done investing

before like I said this is a great place

to start and you're also gonna get that

five dollar bonus when you sign up as

well which is a nice little extra okay

so check this one out guys again link a

link will be in the description down

below or you can just go in your

smartphone right now and check this one

out so you can come over here look again

very very good reviews on the Google

Play Store 60,000 reviews with a four

point four star rating very popular app

a lot of people use it I couldn't

actually find this on the iTunes App

Store guys I'm not sure if it is

available they I only have a an Android

device so I can find it on my phone but

I don't have an iPhone to find it and I

couldn't actually find on Google either

so if you've got an iPhone just open up

your app store right now and have a

little look on there because it might be

on there

but I'm not sure but check it out guys

so this is acorns and next up is Nielsen

computer and mobile panels so you've

probably heard of Nielsen a very very

huge market research company guys and

they you can't download an app and get

paid passive income for this app okay so

what they will do is keep track of your

internet usage and use that for research

okay that is all you got to do is have

the app installed on whatever device you

use and they're gonna pay you for each

device as well you can earn 50 dollars

per year per device for having it

Nielsen app installed on on those

devices okay and don't worry guys

because the app itself collects

statistics on your internet usage

anonymously okay so you never have to

worry about any data being linked to you

the app takes of barely any space and it

doesn't slow down your phone or your

tablet at all so there's nothing to

worry about with this Nielsen is a very

very reputable company been around for a

very long time they're probably the

biggest market research company in the

world you've got nothing to worry about

here you can't actually download this

app on the App Store or Google Play

Store so you're gonna have to sign up on

their web so I'll have a link again in

the description down below sign up on

their website and apply

to be a part of this panel okay so check

it out guys

like I said $50 per year per device and

last but not least guys is left okay so

if you've got some free time and live in

a reasonably busy area becoming a lyft

driver can be a great money-making on

the side okay so right now they've got a

promotion going on where any new driver

will get a $300 bonus after completing

their hundreth ride so if you start

today guys and you do some little little

rides every now and again on the

weekends or whenever you've got some

free time you clear 100 rides in

absolutely no time at all and you're

gonna earn a $300 bonus on top of

whatever you've earned from doing your

actual rides as well so check this one

out guys this is left it's not available

worldwide to check out see if it is

available in your country and start from

there so that is left so there we go

guys those are the five apps that I

recommend you guys to use to make some

money on your smart phones or mobile

devices okay so check them all out I'll

have links them in the description down

below but don't forget this those apps

they are not gonna make you rich

whatsoever they are just to earn a

little bit of extra side income okay if

you want to learn how to make some big

money I mean huge money guys check out

my number one recommendation okay

highly highly highly recommend that

we're gonna make a full-time passive

income online making money while you

sleep and like I said I mean big money

guys check that out it's worldwide it

works for absolutely everyone so thanks

for watching this video hope you enjoyed

it if you did please give it a thumbs up

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future uploads I'll see you in the next


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