5 Best Android Battery Saving Tips Guiding Tech ||5 Ways to Extend Battery Life

5 Best Android Battery Saving Tips Guiding Tech 

Android devices are getting better day

after day with upgraded processors RAM

and even the screen technology I am sure

you must be loving all that output that

you get but battery is one thing that is

not able to cope up with these

technologies but if you ask any Android

user what is that one thing that they

can improve on their device I am sure

majority of them will tell you it's the

battery life so friends keeping that in

mind in this video I am going to talk

about some tips that will help you to

get extended battery life on your

current Android device without any

significant upgrade in the hardware so

let's have a look at these tips so the

very first tip is to disable background

data for your apps now when your phone

is lying idle this background data helps

your apps to fetch notifications now you

can go to the Android settings and

disable all the background data at once

which will significantly improve your

battery life but then if you don't want

to miss out on notifications for like

Gmail or Twitter we can just disable it

for some apps like Facebook Facebook

Messenger which are known to hog your

battery life the second tip would be to

disable any live wallpapers or widgets

that just an eye candy on your home

stream so yes you really don't want live

wallpapers because from what I've seen

they take as much as 20% of your battery

life in a battery cycle and that is huge

and also widgets are something that adds

to that battery issues so yes go ahead

and disable them if you are using a

device with AMOLED screen I would

suggest you to go for all-black

wallpaper because it will really help

you to improve the battery performance

the third tip is to decrease the screen

time off now I have seen people with

screen time out as long as five minutes

which is really not good I mean ah when

you're looking at notification on a

mobile and you just place your phone on

the desk

it stays awake for almost as four

minutes for no use at all so go for a

screen timeout period like for 15

seconds or if it is too low you can go


seconds but not more than that because

that's what I would prefer now if you're

a readin buff and you don't like screen

time out to be low like 15 minutes 15

seconds or 30 seconds you can install an

app called kill screen now if we keep

your screen away only when you are using

it and both of them as a combo will help

you to get a better battery life the tip

number four is to disable haptic

feedback on screen touches all while

typing on your keyboard now I know that

it's a very small thing to turn off and

it will not increase your battery life

significantly but hey if anything can

help you should go for it

so yes you can go to your respective

keyboard settings or your sounds and

vibration in your Android settings and

disable those haptic feedback now last

but not the least you can use a built-in

power manager and almost all the Android

devices these days come with that

feature so you can go to settings

configure how you want to receive your

notifications or if you want to run your

phone in stamina mode and marshmallow

users can also install apps like those

to extend the battery life now there are

many apps available in the Play Store

and we have already done an article on

our website and I'll provide you with

the links in the description of this

video so you can go and have a look at

some of those app to extend battery life

so friends those were the top 5

techniques using which you can extend

the battery life of your Android devices

now I know it's called cost-cutting and

most of you will not want to do that but

hey it's a bargain either you can go for

the performance or for the battery life

for now at least unless you see some

advancement in the battery technologies

so well that's all for this video don't

forget to subscribe to our Channel and I

hope to see you in my next one until

then take care and have a wonderful day

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