29 Life hacks, Uses and Benefits of Tea tree Oil YOU NEED TO KNOW

29 Life hacks, Uses and Benefits of Tea tree Oil YOU NEED TO KNOW

29 Life hacks, Uses and Benefits of Tea tree Oil YOU NEED TO KNOW

in this ArticaIe 'm going to show you 29

tea tree or your life hacks uses and

benefits the super healthy essential oil

can be great for your health and many of

its uses are worth trying

tea tree oil can improve how you work

and fail so let's find out more about

its numerous benefits number one it's

great for eczema tea tree oil can help

soothe the itch in dry skin in rushes of

eczema whilst the antioxidant properties

of the oil promote healing of the

damaged skin for an ex Malaysian

combined one tablespoon of coconut or

rose hip oil and ten drops of tea tree

oil and temp drops of lavender oil in a

clean glass jar massage into the

affected area to help relieve itching

and redness number two for warts

Terpening 4 is a potent antimicrobial in

tea tree oil which helps to control

viral growth by drawing off the wart so

it will fall off naturally so you can

apply tea tree oil naturally by placing

a drop of pure tea tree oil directly on

the wart cover it with a bandage and

then leave overnight and then you can

remove the bandage in the morning to

clean the affected area at night repeat

the process of adding the oil and using

a clean bandage number three for glowing

skin here is a great tea tree oil remedy

they'll help your skin stay fresh and

bring out its natural glow after

cleansing your face in drying try this

cleansing moisturizer by combining a

pea-sized blob of pore friendly

moisturizer with one drop of tea tree

oil massage this blend into your face

and they will hydrate your skin or

protecting it against blackheads number

four tea tree oil can help fight against

sinus and congestion

tea tree oil can destroy bad bacteria

that causes colds congestion and sinus

infection you can make a chest balm by

rubbing almond oil mix with 2 to 3 drops

of tea tree oil on your chest number

five for blackheads you can use tea tree

oil is a great way for drying out

blackheads and the oil penetrates deep

into the pores to disinfect and unclog

them for a facial cleanser weight your

face with warm water

and squeeze a small amount of oil free

cleanser into your hand and add one drop

of tea tree oil and massage it into your

face working into a lather rinse with

cool water and using non pore blocking

moisturizer number six tea tree oil is

very effective at controlling acne the

oil helps to kill the bacteria that

causes acne in inflammation a study done

on acne found that applying a topic of

5% tea tree oil was an effective

treatment from mild to moderate acne a

simple homemade acne treatment can be

made by mixing two to three drops of tea

tree oil with 20 drops of witch hazel or

water applied to acne with a clean

cotton swab twice a day number seven

scars acne can often leave scars that

never disappear a store-bought scar

reducing cream can contain harsh

chemicals tea tree oil is a much more

natural and cost-effective way to help

with scar healing and lightening for a

daily scar healing remedy mix one drop

of tea tree oil to half a teaspoon of

raw honey massage it into the scarring

and let it dry for at least 15 to 20

minutes and then rinse off with water

number eight tea tree oil for beards tea

tree oil works as a moisturizer for

controlling the oil in your hair and

scalp it hinders the development of

loose strands and the tea tree oil will

purify your beard from pollution and

make the beard hair soft and delicate

number nine mold mold can cause health

issues in your house so prevent mold

naturally by killing the mold causing

fungus with tea tree oil to make a mold

spray get an empty spray bottle and add

two cups of water and two tea spoons of

tea tree oil shake well and spray on the

areas that have mold leave for a few

minutes before wiping off you can use

this spray on shower curtains the toilet

and the dishwasher and washing machine

number ten wounds as tea tree oil has

antiseptic properties it's great for

treating wounds in preventing infections

studies have shown that tea tree oil

helps to activate white blood cells

which speeds up the healing process

you can clean the cut properly by mixing

1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil with a tea

spoon of a therapeutic grade tamanna oil

and apply it to the wound

cover with a bandage and repeat one to

two times daily until the wound scabs

over number 11 tix tea tree oil can

remove ticks on humans and animals in a

safe and natural way to make it tick

remover gel mix two to three drops of

tea tree oil with one to two drops of a

carrier oil such as almond oil and

applied directly on the tick never use

tea tree oil directly at high

concentrations on your pets number 12

athlete's foot research suggests that

tea tree oil is a promising alternative

to commercial antifungal medications for

athlete's foot you can apply this

topically by mixing five drops of neem

oil almond or coconut oil with three to

five drops of tea tree oil on a cotton

ball massage the affected area with the

ball and wear clean cotton socks apply

twice daily always changing to clean

socks after the application number 13

psoriasis there is no cure for psoriasis

but the symptoms can be relieved with

tea tree oil the oil can help to

eliminate dry dead skin cells that build

up on the skin and it helps to relieve

itching in redness for a healing balm

combined four tablespoons of emu oil ten

drops of lavender oil and 20 drops of

tea tree oil shake well and massage a

few drops onto the affected areas once

or twice a day number 14

bug bites if you've been bitten by a bug

try tea tree oil with a carrier oil for

soothing that itch for ants mosquitoes

and small bug bites mix 1 to 2 drops of

tea tree oil with coconut oil and rub it

onto the bug bite for relief

number 15 dry and itchy scalp as well as

being annoying a dry and itchy scalp can

lead to hair loss tea tree oil can

soothe the itchiness and fight dryness

the best way to apply it is to add it to

a shampoo so all you need to do is to

add two to three drops of tea tree oil

to your conditioner or shampoo

and mix well and massage into the scalp

leave it for 5 minutes in them wash off

do this every time you condition your

hair number 16 deodorant tea tree oil is

a natural deodorant with powerful

antibacterial properties that help to

fight body odor for simple tea tree oil

deodorant dab a little tea tree oil

under your arms every time you shower

and then you can use your regular

deodorant on top

number 17 nail fungus tea tree oil is

well known for its antiseptic properties

for an effective nail fungus treatment

apply a few drops of undiluted tea tree

oil to a cotton swab and rub it on the

affected nail number 18 ringworm

ringworm is a highly contagious fungal

infection and a 2002 study showed that

tea tree oil was effective at curing 64%

of participants with ringworm after a

month of use to apply it dilute three

drops of tea tree oil with a few drops

of a carrier oil such as almond oil and

apply it two to three times daily on the

affected area number 19 it can help hair


taeju oil helps to unclog hair follicles

and provides nourishment to the roots

you can add a few drops of tea tree oil

to a TSP of a carrier oil like coconut

oil and massage the oil into the scalp

and wrap a towel around your head leave

it on for about 50 minutes before

rinsing out repeat 2 to 3 times weekly

for the best results number 20 dandruff

tea tree oil is a great natural remedy

for dandruff it fights the fungus

responsible for causing dandruff and it

can also prevent itching flaking and

inflammation for an anti dandruff

shampoo add a few drops of tea tree oil

to your regular shampoo every time you

wash your hair leave on for about 5

minutes and then let the oil soak in

before rinsing off number 21 tea tree

oil for cleaning tea tree oil along with

baking soda and vinegar are excellent

natural cleaning products without the

harsh chemicals of commercial cleaning

agents for a multi-purpose cleaner heats

one cup of hot water and add a quarter

cup of vinegar and five to eight drops


a tree oil used as an all-purpose

cleaner on came to tops in the kitchen


number 22 it can help cancer tea tree

oil may provide a fast cheap and

effective treatment for some skin

cancers according to research this

natural remedy was feigned to shrink

non-melanoma skin cancers in mice in

just one day and wiped them out within

three days research published in 2012

also showed that when tea tree oil was

used as an aroma therapy it helped

reduce anxiety depression and improved

sleep quality of cancer patients number

23 tea tree oil is an insecticide a lot

of insect repellents contain chemicals

but using tea tree oil is a safe and

natural way to control insects so this

is how you can use it as a house pest

control make a solution of a few drops

of tea tree oil and water wipe down

cupboards to keep ants never pests away

you can also sew cotton balls in tea

tree oil and place them around the house

in areas that attract insects number 24

lice one study documented the tea tree

or can potentially kill lice in all

stages of their cycle including the eggs

other research has shown that combining

tea tree oil and lavender oil was a

hundred percent effective in getting rid

of lice in children compared to an anti

life shampoo which was only about 25

percent effective so to make a light

shampoo add 8 drops of tea tree oil and

eight drops of lavender oil to two

tablespoons of shampoo add 1tsp of neem

oil to the mixture mix well shampoo the

hair and cover with a shower cap for 10

minutes wash rinse rub dry and comb with

the NIT comb number 25 tea tree oil for

plant health tea tree oil has been shown

that it can control rotting in fruits

such as strawberries and control early

blight disease in tomatoes to make an

antifungal plant spray add two cups of

water in a spray bottle and two

tablespoons of tea tree oil spray your

plants with this solution and repeat

every 4 to 7 days number 26

tea tree oil for sore throats teacher or

can help to bring down the inflammation

of a sore throat and alleviate pain it's

best to use this homemade remedy when

you feel a sore throat starting so you

can stop it turning into a full-blown

infection add three to four drops of tea

tree oil to a bowl of hot water cover

your head in the bowl with a towel and

breathe in the vapors for at least 10

minutes number twenty seven earache ear

aches are painful can be caused by a

fluid buildup or bacterial infection

tea tree oil can help to provide relief

all you need to do is to warm one

teaspoon of olive oil and put in three

drops of tea tree oil stir well lie on

your side and ask someone to gently drop

six to eight drops of this mixture into

your ear canal using an eyedropper stay

lying like that in that position for

about 10 minutes and then drain out the

oil using a paper towel to catch the oil

drips number twenty-eight to hand

sanitizer the alcohol in commercial hand

sanitizers can be very drying to your

scale make your own natural and gentle

sanitizer with tea tree oil you can do

this by mixing three teaspoons of witch

hazel and between 25 and 30 drops of tea

tree oil into a bowl and stir and then

add one cup of aloe vera gel and mix

well put it into a squirt bottle and

it's ready for use the final one number

29 is teeth in gum health an Australian

study found that a range of oral

bacteria is susceptible to tea tree oil

even in low dilutions so if you suffer

from bad breath make your own mouth

rinse by adding 1 to 2 drops of tea tree

oil to a small cup of water swish for

about 30 seconds or so and then spit a

you can also add a drop to your

toothpaste before brushing to prevent

oral infections as you can see tea tree

oil is widely known for its versatility

in healing benefits and countless uses

it's used in everything from cosmetics

skin products such as face washes and

creams to massage oils household

cleaners and even detergents I hope

you've enjoyed this video on 29 life

hacks uses and benefits

tea tree oil and if you have please

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