15 Things You Didnt Know About AMAZON | 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Amazon | 15 बातें Amazon ke bare me

15 Things You Didnt Know About AMAZON | 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Amazon | 15 बातें Amazon ke bare me
15 Things You Didnt Know About AMAZON | 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Amazon | 15 बातें Amazon ke bare me

fifteen things you didn't know about

Amazon welcome to a Lux calm the place

where future billionaires come to get

inspired hello a Luxor's and welcome

back to another amazing video we cover a

lot of really interesting business

people and entrepreneurs but there are

very few companies which have made as

much of a mark on the digital world as

Amazon the online retailer was

established by Jeff Bezos in 1994 when

the internet was a very different place

their online presence has expanded into

cloud computing film streaming Erie ders

and a whole host of new and unique

things no one could have foreseen this

in 1994 and the corporation has truly

paved the way for other companies

selling online because Alex comm is

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resource on the most influential

entrepreneurs and creators in the world

we wanted to bring you a video about

this online giant here's 15 things you

didn't know about Amazon number one the

very first book sold on Amazon was

shipped from Jeff Bezos his garage in

1995 the rather long-winded fluid

concepts and creative analogies computer

models of the fundamental mechanisms of

thought became the first book to be

bought on Amazon there were no huge

Amazon warehouses back then so it was

packaged and dispatched by Bezos himself


number two the Kindle was originally

codenamed Fiona during the Kindles

development it was named Fiona after a

character in Neal Stephenson's of the

diamond age a novel about an interactive

book appropriately number three every

staff member at Amazon spends two days

every two years working in the customer

service department even the CEO does it

and it's all to help staff at all levels

understand the customer service process

and the kind of demands customers are

making each day no one on the board is

allowed to become out of touch number


Amazon's original business plan didn't

predict any profit for five years

Vsauce outlined a slow growth which

didn't go down well with impatient

stockholders this was during the dot-com

bubble and investors were anxious that

it could burst at any time Amazon

turned its first profit in 2001 six

years after it was launched number five

Amazon was originally going to be named

Cadabra Cadabra

a shortened version of abracadabra was

chosen by Bezos originally as the name

for his book selling website when he ran

it by his lawyer it was vetoed because

he misheard it as cadaver Jesus then

bought a new domain and considered

calling the online company relentless

but friends told him it sounded too

sinister amazon.com was finally bought

in 1995

number six amazon went down for 49

minutes in 2013 and they missed out on

sales worth 5.7 million dollars just in

case we weren't sure how much money

Amazon is capable of making each day

they had no sales for nearly an hour and

lost out on 5.7 million dollars

wired.com calculated the value of this

as the equivalent of twenty eight

thousand six hundred and forty three

kindle fires and four hundred and twenty

eight thousand eight hundred ninety

three pairs of their top-selling men's

boxers number seven powerpoint

presentations are banned at amazon team

meetings instead of a dry presentation

where people sit in silence and listen

to someone else's interpretation of a

topic all team meetings start with 30

minutes of reading on the topic instead

everyone has their own individual

thoughts and it encourages critical

thinking number eight

Amazon's warehouses throughout the world

are bigger than 700 Madison Square

Gardens in total

Amazon's gargantuan warehouses are where

they store their myriad of products

ready for dispatch and understandably

they have to be pretty big there are

Amazon warehouses in 13 countries around

the world and staff will walk an average

of 10 miles a day while they're

retrieving product

number nine in the company's early days

they saved money by making desks out of

doors that would get cheap doors and

construct desk from them including Jeff

Bezos I guess you have to resort to

things like that when you're not

expecting to make a profit for five

years the company still encourages the

practice and hand out a door desk award

for really creative thrifty ideas number

ten Jeff Bezos

is a really tough boss tech startups are

assumed to be social relaxed places but

Amazon is apparently nothing of the sort

Vsauce likes an adversarial atmosphere

regularly forwards customer complaints

onto his staff with a probing question

mark and then has been quoted as saying

if I hear that idea again I'm going to

have to kill myself number eleven when

Amazon only sold books results would

have to source the item after an order

came in Amazon's founder had no space to

store all of his stock in the early days

so he would have to trawl secondhand

stores and other online book retailers

to find them and then ship them out to

the customer it's a far cry from the

prime delivery within 60 minutes number


Barnes & Noble sued Amazon in 1997 for

claiming they were Earth's largest

bookstore Barnes & Noble were not

pleased about Amazon monopolizing on

their earth's largest bookstore status

not believing they could call themselves

a bookstore so they sued them and it was

eventually settled out of court

ironically Jeff Bezos his wife and their

first Amazon employee used to have

meetings in their local burns ennoble

when they first started out number 13

one of Amazon's Seattle site buildings

is named after their former office dog

Rufus Rufus was a permanent fixture in

the Amazon office and the pet of one of

the employees he attended meetings with

his owner became the company's mascot

and it's rumored that he had to tap his

paw on the keyboard when they launched a

new product as a good luck charm number

14 on Cyber Monday 2014 Amazon were

selling 300 products a second cyber

monday is probably the biggest online

shopping day of the year and Amazon are

the king of it the net worth is now

estimated to be one hundred and seventy

five point 1 billion dollars not bad for

a company that was open about not making

a profit for five years number 15 the

house in Seattle that Jeff Bezos founded

Amazon from still has an enlarged

mailbox the growing business received so

much mail and book catalogs that a

normal mailbox just wouldn't do the

house sold in 2009 and the buyer

apparently had no idea he owned a piece

of internet history like many Internet

companies there's a lot of mythology

surrounding Amazon its people and its


it still fulfills that perfect internet

startup narrative though it began was

one guy in a garage and now it's a

multi-billion dollar phenomenon you use

Amazon I use Amazon we all use Amazon

it's certainly not going anywhere and

it's selling us more and more from video

streaming to new ways to read who could

have foreseen that an online bookseller

would become one of the most important

websites in the world what would you

have on your Amazon wish list if money

was no object

are you a traditionalist with a big long

reading list or would you want

everything with a 4k HD screen

oh you're still here well here's another

amazing fact about Amazon for you an

elderly customer complained to Amazon

that she had to wait for her young

nephew to open her Amazon packages for

her because the boxes were too tough for

her to open in response Jeff Bezos had a

new design rolled out thank you for

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15 Things You Didnt Know About AMAZON | 10 Facts You Didn't Know About Amazon | 15 बातें Amazon ke bare me

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