Xiaomi Mi A3 - 41 MP Camera, 5G, Android 9.0 Pie, Price as review

hey what's up guys welcome to my channel

and I am back with a new video

so after launching the AMIA - and mi a

to light the next budget smartphone from

Xiaomi is of course the mir3 although

here month away from the launch of mi a

three but details about the smartphone

keeps are facing the AMIA - egg bought

in Korea Ponte mi a1 and redmi note 5

froakie comparison me if he mi a tomb a

headphone jack nature or SP battery

capacity Copic compa a new report

suggests the mi a 3 will have a water

drop no display like open vivo

smartphone and the report also added the

MIAA 3 will come with a 3950 M H a

battery which is larger than the 3000

mAh battery in the mi a 2 mi a to egg

budget Panaji Orta under seventeen

thousan price point pay but as yet a

boss or a smartphone brand is the price

point pay or we being smart on launch


Rumaki subsystem emi a3 gazer a yes of a

problem to overcome car paya the mi a

three-way the unica malaika's 6.3 inch

full HD plus not display Gustad me or is

reading in over Milligan 92% in to body

ratio with 1 0 8 0 into 2 parts the

exceeded display pixel resolution or op

is my big buying a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7

1 0 photo serve which is way more secure

and faster than the Snapdragon 600

series or is where am I a3 made a

uniformly eiga is he a scanning system

with infant scanning technologies your

vehicle does maybe up EPS for eagerness

and calculate wonka a local Tiger your

saw me sub brand Coco I want a gigantic

Amelia here the mi 8 3 maydig normally

got dual rear camera lanes

you've over 20 megapixel a 16 megapixel

camera lens with a 1.7 efficient and

also it will included 24 megapixel

front-facing sensor with an artificial

intelligence support for a bitter and

apartment selfish thoughts or hum sorry

John take a photo click an Achilles of

the light kiss our earth was here or he

series do I smell all we improve AI

system do another Malaga yeah be

cognizant made super sharp perfect photo

capture curve I almost saw a Android

smartphone developers software used care

Tayyab ok epic kill you but you can I

Akron Aeros ahead its I'm damn glad

you're here along with your surroundings

making mi a three software baton obvious

in the end of the Malaga is a perfect

selfie and bokeh effect photo clicker

Pangu some very popular smartphone

leaker claims that the mir3 will have an

displaying a pin scanner and this is the

one feature that has been rumored to

come on Kisame mi a 3 min wujin Electra

saw me officially saw me mi a 3 May in

this clip in abeyance calico implement

Korea War II after the strong reason we

had the industry p.m. is correct p.m.

feature a audio by oxides Nieves Kennedy

macabre a cafe Holocaust me what the

hell Hamza be janta ki mi a three I gir

egg medians device category me any I got

20,000 price segment key under me or are

you budget smart my industry famous

cannot use camera like bug impossible

hair like in a Sami mi a3 may in

displaying a pins can you see a jogger

who s key price be 20,000 who purchase

expire who option was subscript Ellijay

or Billa confiscate VGA and his team are

Monsieur be near object I got Dobby nanu

Zeiger posthumous of sapele income

kerpow the average device tevaram is a

very porous with new sub Civello John

circle or let me know your thought on

these and I will see you guys tomorrow

peace out


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