SEO 2019 tips

Today, I am deepak
unfortunately somethings were happening

sometime there were some blunder in Green screen

maybe bad luck of this video 

anyway today we will talk about SEO 2019

about the changes in SEO 2019 .

and if you understand it completely, it will improve your SEO process in 2019.

I will tell you some technique to stay updated regarding SEO 2019.

first of all , CONTENT IS THE KING .

content is very important and do not copy paste it.

write good quality content that also add some value in users life.

and context also, now what do i mean by context .

people talk about some other topics in their content in order to increase their content.

next point is

comprehensive guide

means we need to write in depth

means write in such depth that in the whole internet

no one has written the content in such depth

if you can create this kind of content then your SEO is good.

keeping in mind this , some people forget their context.

what do i mean by context.

suppose My topic is Digital Marketing

and their i am talking about my cousin

its fine if you are trying to connect but

I've seen this many times

more than 60% people concentrate on this thing

person has come to watch your video and they don't concentrate on this.

so if you are writing any content

your main focus should be on content and context.

there is this story, if you understood it right, you understood it for life.

you will be the king of SEO 2019.

understand the google business model.

how does it work

how do they earn ? via ads

how will they earn from ads? when people will search.

and why do we trust google answers? becasue their answers are genuine.

whatever we search , we get the genuine answers.

and how do google give the best answers? because of their algorithms

now, obviously there is a person controlling this?

and how that person find the right content

we need to understand this first

so if we consider google alogorithm as a person

and if we show them the content what they want to see. then?

Our SEO will improve automatically :)

so next things is ON page optimisation.

what is one page optimisation?

what does it mean . I wrote the whole content right.


whole story about my website

every detail about my website

now google will index it or not

this is the problem too

means whether google will store the data or not

here we use H1 H2

paragraph etc etc

now what you write in H1 , google will know its a heading

google will have an idea that the main topic of this website is in H1 heading

and in H2 , there are other details about the website.

now in H3

there are other subparts

and subparts of H3 are in H4

so things are like this

so if we schedule the content of our website like this

google will be able to index accordingly

google will be able to undertand accordingly.

right now i am telling you in the video

if i tell you structure vise from basic to advanced

then you will be able to understand

if you make google understand your content,context

and they indexed your pages accordingly

then you are the KING OF SEO 2019.

next point is

BRANDING , branding is very important.

for example you want to buy red buckle shoes.

so you searched Red buckle shoes.

google gave you 4 websites.

one is amazon,flipkart

one is paytim, other is

number one is

tell me which website will you open

let me know in the poll section.

most people won't choose

because people dont know about it.

but no one knows about this company because they cannot be trusted.

why would i buy from an unknown site.

possible some people might open in new tab.

some might check it once.

but main concentration level will be on amazon, flipkart , paytm

some may like amazon, or paytm or flipkart

now how should i do branding?

its a part of social media marketing.its

social media works along with seo

later i will tell you some proof

here you need to be engaged on social media

like videos on youtube

if you can not make videos then make a post on facebook

you need to be active on social media

you can run ads

and do brand building, so that people will know about you

and you might get branded searches

what do imean by branded searches?  many people search directly.

some search best digital marketing institute

then they reach our website if they search somewhere else

if somebody wants our services then they reach our website.


if we take a look , my major traffic comes from lapaas keyword


it means my majority of traffic comes from my youtube channnel

through social media

considering this , my business basically revolves around

social media

so i personally recommend

start working on social media too

next point is UI/UX

UI means user interface- look of your website , type of fonts used, color science



does it look stunning or not

this is the part of UI- user interface

now what about the user experience

loading speed of your website

are there many unwanted pop-ups or ads?

and whether all the navigation buttons are working properly or not

whenever someone opens your website , your server is down.

and many more things like this

some people put so many popups

Here, this ruins the user experience

and google knows everything

in case that particular website user experience was not good

then google will not rank that particular website

how google knows whether the user experience was bad?

google will see the time spent by the user on that particular website.

this is known as dwell timeN

google will check the dwell time >

the more dwell time means google will rank it high

and if its comprehensive i.e in depth

and we worked on UI/UX also

we worked on every factors of our website

now if someone comes to our website

and everything is written i n detail, there is a possibilty of high dwell time

which will give a good signal to google that this website is good


I already have a video on this

i will tell you again , google algorithms prefers mobile first

you have to make your website mobile optimised

what is the definition of mobile optimisation

when you see your website on mobile then its UI/UX is good

if its UI/UX is good then

then you have a good mobile optimised website otherwise its not

so in today's scenario

user searches most commonly on their mobile phones

chances are big

you are watching this video on phone

this video is on 4K okay? 4k * _*

i know no one watches in 4k because there are no 4k phones

just saying ;)

your brother just got a new camera ;) ;)

now how to make the website mobile optimised? if its a coded website

then tell your coder to make it mobile optimisedtoo

i suggest

use bootstrap, they have a framework

resulting a good mobile optimised website

for basic websites

if you are using wordpress , then the theme you are using should be mobile friendly

the themes now a days

they all are mobile friendly

one more thing you can use: AMP

AMP means accelerated mobile pages- seo ranking factor

i've made a video on this too

if you use wordpress then it comes with a plugin free plugin

install . activate

it can be a king for bloggers, they will love it

website speed will be amazing

look changes it a bit

if someone opens your website on phone

user doesnt want any animation

mobile users want immediate and accurate result only

he only needs conten in less time

he is not fascinated by flying words , animation

not at all

images can be edited better

dont pay much attention on animation

if its a coded website then search on google, they have their own AMP

you will get the result

tell your coder to integrate it in your website

next point is: which is a good advantage for me- videos

try to add videos in your content

its a rule too

if a user lands on your website and all of sudden he sees a video

then he sees that video and spends time watching that particular video

this increases your dwell time

lets say the content of your website is not that much good

but the video you got from youtube that is amazing

now person came and saw your content a little

then he saw the video and he liked it

this increased the dwell time

because of that video

this gave a signal to google that this page is good

i was reading somewhere that till 2021 80% people will want to watch video content

if they want to see something online

so all the bloggers , i will recommend come to vlogging also

start your youtube channel

take your mobile phone and start shooting

because you have to future proof

you will learn a lot till 2021.

start creating, editing you will learn a lot

this will cure your fear of camera also and i am telling you its nothing

look at my starting videos , you will understand

next point is voice search- OKAY GOOGLE

personally i like google more

i dont like siri that much

becasue google is in this field for a long time.

google has a surplus data about everything and is also the biggest search engine

and has already indexed all the data.

it will be much easier for google to give the best results

thats why personally i prefer google assistant

but how can i do that in our website

i will take example of my mom

so our parrot wasnt well, i have some parrots

so my mom voice searched "my mithoo (parrot) has been crying since morning"

he hasn't eaten anything since morning

what do i do

i dont remember the exact terms

surprisingly google showed the result and nothing can beat this thing

how far google can index

my mom orderes anything she wants right before us how?

google made the voice search interface so friendly

so we need to make our website friendly

but first we need to research what kind of topics people search for regarding our domain

so my suggestion is

always always do add Q&A sessions

make it mandatory

search on google, there are many websites who will make it that for you

regarding that topic

regarding most searched topics

do add those answers in your websites

let me tell you on thing

and this doesnt mean you will appear on google voice search

it has seen that voice search is only for the top pages only

results are only of those top 3 pages

basically those who has rich snippets, i will tell you later about rich snippet

it occurs with those who has rich snippet ,

and not everybody get it

we can follow some rules like

we can add SSL certificate

There is no proof that using ssl certificate, you get better results or not

but at one point google has mentioned it that it is one of their factors

that they see the security of website more

so i recommend use ssl certificate

also website speed should be better

if your website speed is slow

it has seen that if your website speed is more than 4 sec then google wont rank you

for voice search, it can cause some problem for you

authority of your website should be good

all the things i told you in branding

that people should know you along with some backlinks ;)

i will tell you later about the backlinks and its importance

last point is

social shares

google look over the amount of social shares

and it has been proved that if people shares then

and google is giving preference to it

it means social media marketing plays a very important role in SEO.

right it's very important

so please start switching towards social media marketing too

your seo can be good or very good but

but if you keep both the things seo and social media marketing together, it will be great

dont focus on one topic, try to develop yourself digitally

lets talk about backlinks

i have already toldy you about backlinks , they are not that important but


it doesnt mean it's of no use

let me give an example

lets say i live in rohini, delhi and my 5 friends also live there too

now i am hungry and i love butter chicken

so i called one of my friend

that bro from where should i eat butter chicken

he recommended me shyam lal andsons

i was like okay, lets ask another friend

he recommended me shyam lal and sons too

my third, fourth,fifth friends all recommended me shyam lal adn sons

they all recommended me shyam lal and sons for best butter chicken

so i will be like okay lets go for shyam lal and sons

i have told you consider google a person, it has become the biggest artificial intelligence

in its algorithm

with time its developing its AI

if google understood

that in your domain or website

that you are the best in your niche , they will rank you automatically

so how will it do?

when they will get to know about your website from differrent friends

friends means links

if any high authorities give you any backlinks or discusses anything about you

that you are good in your niche

google will be like okay it's a good website lets rank it

here there is a blunder

people add their links in the comments section

i dont know if it works or not

but in future it wont work .100% sure

i have a platform named

there 90% comments are links

it is the sadest part

if you want links, then put it in the body right

write a good content blog and then put it here

you will get backlinks also

but people are putting it in the comment section

and its possible that in future

google might not even read comments

it may only see body content

crawl the only particular content

thats it, nothing with the comment thinf

but with the comment section , it can evaluate that how good the page is

but that do follow system, you must be aware of that

if you dont know do check the video of seo (digital marketing series)

in the upper section ( i button)

i have discussed it in detail

its possible it may consider all the links do follow links

it may be possible

i recommend

make backlinks if possible in body

dont put it in the comment lets say

in a blog there's only 2-3 comments

you can put your links in that blog but dont put links where there are already

dont do that

last point is structured data

structured data means

if you search anything on google

like pizza recipe

you will see many results but you will definetly see a result with a rating

cooking time, material required

along with calories

so lets consider there are 5 links

and that rating system, calories info is only in one link

its possible you will see that particular post , doesnt matter itf it's on 4th

chances are you will be attracted towards it

so more people will click on it

google will think

that there are 5 pages, and in majority people are going to that 4 th link

majority is of 4th

and dwell time is high too

wer followed all the rules, content is comprehensive

everything is good

dwell time is good

user is getting the solution and data is structured

this will give a goood signal to google

this will rank our website, as simple as it is

now that rating and calories info is structured data

if its a coded website them named

website, search it , you will find the code. copy paste it

tell the coder to do that

you dont want to do that then google search console

it took me decades to learn this name :p

earlier it was webmaster

you will find structured datta info,

you can change the code from there

if you are using wordpress

then use free pluggins

search them and i wont name any

use any pluggins you want

so this was all about SEO 2019

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