Samsung Galaxy S10e review

hey what's up guys Samsung's Galaxy has

ten an s10 plus our flagship phones that

come with a premium price but if you go

down a bit on the price tear you get the

galaxy s 10 e which comes with a few

compromises but still brings some great

features i'm wilford gsm marina and this

is a galaxy s 10 year review


the galaxy as Tenny is made from Gorilla

Glass with a rounded aluminum frame just

like a regular has ten but here it's

Gorilla Glass five on the front not six

hours is in prison black and though the

finish isn't as flashy as some of the

other color options it still looks quite

stylish in a world where smartphone

displays keep getting bigger and bigger

it's nice to see a phone as compact as

the Galaxy S 10 II with this small

footprint it feels pretty comfy in one

hand compared to the more expensive

models there aren't any down grades as

far as waterproofing you still get four

ip68 rated water and dust resistance

looking closely at the front you may

notice something out of the ordinary

instead of the curved display atypical

of Samsung's flagship s-- we have a flat

front panel instead I personally like

this better than a curved display here

you don't have to worry about accidental

screen activations but the s10 Yi still

brings a hole-punch cutout for the

selfie cam it's something you have to

get used to but there are creative

wallpapers out there that can mask it

the screen itself is a five point eight

inch dynamic AMOLED with a nineteen by

nine aspect ratio and a 1080p resolution

as far as picture quality goes it's

awesome on par with its more expensive

siblings you have the deep blacks of an

AMOLED and colors are also quite

accurate if you opt for the natural mode

and settings maximum brightness is

impressive 389 minutes in manual mode

but it can go up to 800 nits in auto

mode in bright conditions as expected

legibility outdoors in the Sun is really

good of course as an AMOLED you have the

option for an always-on display is power

consuming but it's nice to be able to

see your notifications at a glance just

like the s10 the galaxy s 10 e has a

stereo speaker set up with the earpiece

acting as the second speaker loudness is

excellent and the sound is quite clear


if you plug in headphones to the 3.5

millimeter Jack sound is great as well

we measured excellent clarity although

loudness was just above average you can

choose between 128 or 256 gigs of

built-in storage on the s10 II quite a

lot but it is still expandable through

micro sd if you need even more one of

the differences the s10 II has from its

siblings is the lack of an under display

fingerprint reader here it's a side

mounted one that doubles as a power

button is reliable and works well you

can also swipe it to pull down the

notification shade we only just wish it

wasn't located so high up even though

this phone is small it's still a bit of

a reach there is face unlock as well and

it's quite responsive though of course

not as secure as a fingerprint you get

the same cutting edge chipset on the s10

II as a regular s10 either in Exynos 98

20 or Snapdragon 855 depending on your

region you can choose between 6 or 8

gigs of ram here as you may have guessed

performance on the s10 Yi is awesome on

par with its more expensive counterparts

as a smaller phone it makes sense that

the s10 he has a smaller battery at 3100

million hours but it still performs well

scoring an endurance rating of 83 hours

and our proprietary tests probably

because of the lower power consumption

of the smaller screen charging speed is

a bit slow though with the bundled 15

watt fast charger we were only able to

get from 0 to 36% in 30 minutes

you do have wireless charging here like

on the more expensive models and you can

use the s10 knee to charge another

device wirelessly as well the Galaxy S

Tandy runs Android 9pi with Samsung's

custom skin called one UI on top swiping

up or down on the home screen will bring

up the app drawer the shortcut for the

notification shade is on the fingerprint

reader by default swiping from the right

edge of the screen will open up edge

panels which are fully customisable if

you go to the left you'll find home

panels in a newsfeed powered by big

speed Samsung's virtual assistant and of

course there is a dedicated Hardware

button you can use to summon bixby too

now you have the option to remap the

button to other apps either for a single

or double press one of the two will

always open the assistant

and new to the galaxy family is gesture

navigation by default swiping up from

the right bar opens a task switcher and

swiping up from the left bar goes back

swiping up from the middle bar goes home

the galaxy has 10 DS cameras are almost

identical to the ones on the galaxy s 10

mine is the telephoto cam the dual setup

consists of a 12 megapixel main camera

with a variable aperture and face

detection autofocus and a 16 megapixel

altra webcam with fixed focus in good

light shots with the main camera are

great quality is on par with out of the

s10 there's good detail lively colors

and the photos have almost no noise

dynamic range is excellent as well

images from the ultra wide-angle camera

look pretty nice with pleasing colors

and very good dynamic range and the

software does a decent job of dealing

with barrel distortion just remember

that focus is fixed so it's better not

to shoot things that are too close in

portrait mode photos are taken with a

primary cam and you need to stand quite

close to your subject for a headshot

framing these come out great though

there's excellent subject separation

nice detail and natural skin tones the

dynamic range is much improved over the

last year - in low light again

performance is excellent

here's well-defined detail and little

noise the dynamic range is impressive -

yes 10 year is a great job in preserving

highlights you can also use the ultra

wide camera in the dark there isn't as

much detail as the main cam but the

dynamic range is equally good the galaxy

eseni has a 10 megapixel selfie camera

with face detection autofocus selfies

come out at 6 megapixels by default they

have great detail and we really

appreciate the autofocus here you know

that your pictures will come out sharp

you can also toggle the field of view to

a wider 10 megapixel one so you can fit

more into the shot in selfie portrait

mode shuttle good - but the edge

detection can sometimes get confused one

feature you won't find on many phones is

4k video recording from the selfie

camera there

yes the field of view is a bit narrow

but these look good and there's

stabilisation to 4k videos can be shot

with the rear camera and 30 or 60 FPS

and they have HDR 10 plus support

quality is very good regardless of fps

with good detail and contrasts and

lifelike colors if you film through the

ultra wide cam we can only record it

though the FPS quality is excellent

provided your subject is the right

distance away to be in focus there's a

is and all modes except for KS 60 but

you also have super steady mode it

shoots through the wide-angle cam and

crops to give you an impressively smooth

result but it's only in 1080p and again

there's no autofocus here so that's the

galaxy s 10 e note isn't quite as top of

line is the more expensive as 10 in the

step plus it still brings arguably their

best features an awesome dynamic AMOLED

screen excellent cameras stereo speakers

a cutting-edge chipset and a premium

waterproof build on top of that yes 10

is compact form factor and conventional

uncurbed display make it a lot easier to

use at least for me as far as downsides

go there are a few nitpicks here and

there like it mentioned before the hole

punch cutout is really something you

have to get used to and it generally

eats into the content that you're

watching the fingerprint reader is a bit

awkwardly placed and I would have

preferred to see it sitting a bit lower

on the phone and there's the charging

speed compared to the fast charging

competition these days yes n/a seems a

bit sluggish but would that said this

phone is still a great package visiting

the cheapest phone around but for less

than 700 euros you're getting pretty

much the same quality as a flagship

going for more than a thousand at this

price point

yes 10a has some of the best value you

can find it definitely deserves our

recommendation thanks for watching if

you're interested in the full test

findings of the galaxy s 10 e I want to

compare to some of their phones you can

find a link to GSM arena comm in the

description below see ya

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