Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Trick with English subtitles

let me be faster in this intro let me do

that again so as you know I've been

using the galaxy s 10 as my main device

for a period of time now now I've given

up on the face unlock I knew it wasn't

very secure but then I made that video

showing just how easily fooled it was I

played a video on lots of device I'm

just not using face unlock anymore not

the way that it's implemented on the

galaxy s 10 but that's not all bad

because of course this device has that

really cool ultrasonic fingerprint

scanner underneath the display of the

phone now in the face unlock act video I

explained that I wasn't so happy I

wasn't enjoying the end display

fingerprint reader very much.....,
it just wasn't performing as I kind of

wanted it to and so I gave it some

thought I was like maybe there's a way

to improve this maybe I can register the

same finger more than once I was

thinking to myself wait I just came from

the oneplus 60 and that didn't work and

typically with the in display optical

based fingerprint scanners they won't

allow you to register the same

fingerprint more than once so for

example okay on the right hand side here

of the oneplus 60 you can see two finger

prints are registered left thumb right

thumb if I go to add another fingerprint

and I use the same thumb in order to

like improve I guess the reading

improved the image that's stored within

the phone if I do it with this with the

60 it will say the fingerprint has

already been enrolled please try another

finger so it won't allow you to have the

same finger registered more than once

maybe it has something to do with the

optical technology that's at play here

in the 60 and other in display

fingerprint smartphones but on the s 10

it doesn't work that way so to my

pleasant surprise I could go in there

and register the same thumbprint more

than once and after doing so I actually

ended up with a more accurate more

satisfying experience with the device

this is the S 10 that I've been using

for the purpose of this demonstration I

have the s 10 II over here on the right

and see I've added one single

fingerprint on this S 10 plus if I click

on there I can add another one now in

this case what I'm going to do is scan

in the same finger but the next time

around try to do it from diff

angles in order to improve the

ultrasonic recognition so I'm gonna go

ahead and just move my thumb around a

bit make sure you get those really flat

readings on the bottom part and then

also the edge readings on the top part

and now we have two fingerprints of the

same fingerprint now if I wanted to get

real crazy I could add this fingerprint

a third time this is the third reading

for the same finger in my experience it

just improves the accuracy and it

improves the unlock functionality of the

device some of you have mentioned it in

the comments I've even seen videos made

about it that you don't need to hold

your thumb on the fingerprint scanner

this is also true you can kind of lift

it off and it sort of makes it seem

faster than maybe you know you you might

have originally thought whether you lift

it off or not it's not really important

the point is you want it to work look

see see it's still it's still not a

hundred percent it still can miss from

time to time and say no match and there

is a pressure component to it based on

how hard you press down but nonetheless

it's still in my opinion not as good as

the capacitive fingerprint scanners that

have been on the back of these devices

in the past but it really improves the

in display fingerprint scanner to

register the same finger more than once

I recommend you do it and I recommend

you get all the edges of the finger to

improve the recognition there is the

added security with the ultrasonic

technology so these are gonna be tougher

to crack than the same or seemingly

similar scanner that exists on a device

like this the oneplus 60 that's just an

image of your fingerprint and for

whatever reason it won't let you

register the same finger more than once

little trick little hack I totally

forgot about it because the optical base

scanners that I had been using wouldn't

allow for it but it does work on the s

10 s 10 plus so go for it if you own one

of these

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