Redmi Note 7 Pro Review and details

hi there this is Deepak and this

video we'll be doing the full review for

this redmi note 7 pro and guys i have

been actually using this device for the

last five days i know generally i tested

for two weeks or so but many of you were

eager that i put out the review of this

one early so i am putting it after about

5 days of usage and i have divided it

between pros and cons so let's go over

that but before that here are the specs

for the redmi note 7 pro and as you can

see it's having a six point three inch

full HD plus IPS LCD screen it awed by

the powerful Snapdragon 600 v SOC and

comes in four or six bytes of ram the 1m

review has four terabytes of RAM and

other specs are on the screen for your

reference so let's quickly jump between

the pros and cons first let me talk

about the pros what I liked about this

device and again I am liking the pricing

of this one it's having the Snapdragon

600 v SOC which is obviously better than

the snapdragon 616 SOC and the base

variant is priced at 14000 and I'm

reviewing it with the base variant that

comes with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64gb

of internal storage so for the price

you're getting a lot of hardware fast

hardware I would say and let's also talk

about the screen on this one it has a

six point three inch full HD this is the

IPS LCD screen and for the price I would

say the screen quality is actually good

I didn't have any issues of screen

bleeding or anything on the unit that I

have and also I liked that the auto

brightness sensor has done very well on

this device we have seen a lot of

devices that have auto brightness sensor

but the calibration is just not up to

the market

glad on this one it is really good when

you go out outdoors it becomes really

bright windows it goes dull so that has

been done bein on this and also I'm glad

that again it's a Xiaomi phone so Xiaomi

does not skimp on sensors so all the

sensors are there on this phone and in

fact it has some extra stuff like the IR

blaster and and stuff like that so in

that area also I'm really happy now

I'm moving to the processor as I told

you it's the Snapdragon 600 5 and it's

octa-core processor and it's based on

the powerful cryo 460 cores and it's

actually really good in performance in

fact I'm not

beware of benchmarks but I did wrong and

two two on this and I could have

actually a really good score of 1 lakh

81,000 as you can see here so in terms

of the raw processing power that this

chipset has it's actually really good

and that translates it runs on the me

you white 10 out of the box and I didn't

see any issues of lag meanness or

stutter enos when I was using the device

for the last five days so in that aspect

the processor handles everything there

so it does this is the base waiting that

has having that 4 gigabytes of RAM I'll

talk about the from later and moving to

the speaker also it has a single speaker

here at the bottom but I would say the

speaker is sufficiently loud I didn't

have a problem with that one but I mean

it's not a steal your speaker and I also

took what do you say avoid some of the

voice calls why the speaker phone and

there were adequate I'll talk about the

hairpiece and other stuff in the later

part of the video because I feel there

is that could have been improved but

anyways let's move forward and as I've

told you this is the 4 gigabyte RAM

model and I would say the RAM management

to me you wide at least with this 4

gigabyte RAM model is slightly on the

aggressive side yes it will keep some of

the apps in memory the recent apps that

as you can see I have used that hat

Twitter I was using last 3 or 4 apps to

keep in memory but again it actually

tries to close a lot of apps that you

haven't used for 20-25 minutes so in

that way I would say it's slightly on

the aggressive side it's not a

deal-breaker in my opinion but I felt it

was slightly on the aggressive side but

in the last 5 days it was not like that

I was disappointed with the phone when I

was using it also has a physical LED

notification light but it's on the

bottom over here and it's just a single

color that's why but I'm glad that they

still have a particular LED notification

like now I'm moving to the battery here

I was super impressed with this one on

paper it just has a four thousand

milliamp hour battery but I have to say

the battery life that I was getting on

this phone

was nothing short of amazing easily

about seven to eight arts of screen on

time and this is with almost two days of

usage and even if you are sort of a

heavy user it will easily last for

full day and for most users I would say

easily about one and a half pace and in

terms of screen on time also as you can

see here are some of those charts the

battery life without skating was really

good if you're gonna char if you even a

heavy user you can expect about seven to

nine hours of screen on time and for

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