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do you guys want to test some websites

and get paid $10 every single time in

just 10 minutes

well guys stay tuned we've shown you

just how to do that in this video but

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okay exactly the same as I am

but guys no further ado let's get into

this video I'll show you how you can

test websites and get paid to do it

directly into your PayPal accounts

alright guys so the first website I want

to show you today is this one right here

on your screen this is user testing and

this website will pay you to test

websites and they will pay you directly

into your PayPal accounts okay and

they'll pay you $10 for every single

test that you do and they only take for

my experience some of them take around

five minutes and some of them take

around 15 minutes again no longer than

15 minutes and they'll all pay the exact

same ten dollars every single time for

every test that you do okay so if you

get these shorter ones that take you

five minutes you gonna be very very

lucky okay but most of them honestly for

me personally as an experience you know

like web user they were pretty fast guys

around five six seven eight minutes

around they're usually so yeah guys this

is the website user testing I'll have a

link list in the description down below

or you can just go to user testing comm

and how you actually do the testing guys

it's very very simple so if you come

over here get paid to test you can sign

up using this link right here guys okay

and then on here this is where you're

gonna do your like you're gonna do a

trial first okay like a trial test

they'll give you some scenario and

you'll have to do that for them okay

they will give you a screen recorder

they will be recording

screen while you're doing this and

they're gonna be recording your voice as

well there's no video involved the cage

is your screen and your voice and that

is it so they will install that

automatically onto your computer and

then it's easy guys okay you just open

up the one I'm gonna test comes

available you just click open he'll take

you to a website and then basically

they'll give you some tasks okay the

tasks could be absolutely anything at

all like to find something on the

website or just give your opinion on

something okay for example it's very

very simple so look it up is $60 per

test these ones you can do these now and

again I actually got invited to a lot of

those so these are these ones are

probably more frequent than the $10 ones

however I didn't want to do those

because they take a lot longer okay I

think they're up to like an hour long

and they will you know this a live call

I think those rooms are so it's up to

you if you want to do those ones that's

that's $60 an hour there's pretty decent

money guys but for me personally I was

just testing this out just for you guys

I didn't have time to do those really

long ones so it's entirely up to you I

would recommend if you're looking for

some money to do these ones it will be

definitely worth it $60 is pretty damn

good guys so you can you can do those

ones as well so visit the website or an

app like I said they'll give you the

link you lose click a link you just take

it to that automatically computer set of

tasks speaking of thoughts out loud so

that's all you got to do guys like I

said they'll give you some tasks to

complete all you have to do is speak out

loud whatever you're thinking whatever

you want to do whatever you want to

click on whatever you think of the

design of about anything at all speak it

out loud you speak your mind that's what

they want to know okay these people

these companies that are coming to user

testing for tests on their website they

are looking for your feedback that's all

they want is people's real users

feedback and that's what they want you

to do okay give them some opinions for

example so guys that is it that's all

you're gonna do and you'll get paid

exactly one week after you complete the

test you will get paid ten dollars into

your PayPal accounts so make sure you

have a PayPal account and you're good to

go for this one guys that's the only way

they will pay you it's through PayPal

but that is it for this video guys is a

very very simple website but I just want

to show you one more okay this is enroll

app this is very very similar but this


a lot quicker these ones take like one

minute all right they pay you like 50

cents to a dollar two dollar fifty cents

for one minute of your time this one

adds up a lot okay because they

literally like I'll show you two

different logos and you just want to

choose which logo you prefer or I'll

show you two different website designs

just got to choose which website design

you prefer it's very very simple these

tasks take no time whatsoever so I

recommend signing up to this one as well

it says enroll app comm again I'll have

a link for this in the description down


but guys I highly recommend that you

sign up for more than just these two as

well okay these is just this is just two

websites that I'm showing you today but

there are a lot more just like this ones

where you can test websites and stuff

like that there are so many websites

like this one just go onto google and

type in testing website so user testing

website is something like that

there are plenty of them out there I

have a I have videos on my channel about

this more in depth as well guys okay I

just want to keep you up a date for my

new subscribers and stuff like that okay

but how do you recommend these websites

as far as making money online goes like

always see this isn't gonna get you rich

if you want to get rich guys I highly

recommend checking out my number one

recommendation at the top of the

description but for this guy's this is

just a nice little bit of extra income

it's not bad at all I did I tried this

for about a month a while back and I got

her like a 200 215 215 err dogs come

over exactly the exact number he's

around three hundred dollars and when

one month and it's very very simple the

tests are very easy guys highly

recommend checking this out so if you're

interested guys like I said links will

be in the description down below alright

guys so it is as easy as that okay just

use this one website and you can make

ten dollars every 10 to 15 minutes and

get it paid directly into your PayPal

one week later but guys I recommend

signing up to more than one website okay

like I said you can just go onto google

and type in user testing jobs something

something like that again something

along those lines you can find plenty of

other websites okay I showed you two in

this video I highly recommend signing up

for those two and some other ones as

well just so you can get the most tests

you possibly can but guys that is it for

this video but like I said don't forget

this is not gonna make you rich this is

just a little bit of extra income now

and again on the side okay so if you

want to make a full-time passive income

online guys like I said check out my


one recommendation at the top of the

description make a full-time passive

income online make a huge income online

make money while you sleep

check that out guys okay highly

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