iPhone Buying Guide 2019: Which iPhone is Best?

the iPhone 7 and 7 plus are probably

Apple's most polarizing iPhone releases

ever as they ditched the headphone jack

for the first time it's kind of too bad

that's what almost everybody focused on

though because at its core the iPhone 7

is a reliable and well-built device one

that actually holds up really well even

over two years later hey how's it going

I'm Josh afro 91 tech and today we're

plus are they still worth buying

in 2019 the iPhone 7 and 7 plus look

very similar to the iPhone 6 but clean

up the design in some very key ways the

antenna bands no longer go across the

back which makes it look much better and

there are also various more color

options which is always nice the iPhone

7 is made of aluminum still but brings

water resistance and stereo speakers

something that was new to iPhones at the

time there are of course two size

options with the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 and

5.5 inch iPhone 7 plus which you get

should come down to size more than

anything else although there are some

benefits to the plus model the first and

main difference is that the secondary

telephoto camera lens allows for two

times zoom and portion mode shots this

of course is only on the plus the plus

is also faster with an extra gigabyte of

RAM and it has a bigger battery to boot

which makes it last a really long time

even under heavy use that being said

again size should be the main factor in

which model you should get if you're

torn between the two if you don't really

care then while the plus is the better

phone although it costs a bit more money

and at that point I might just suggest

getting an iPhone 8 but we'll get to

that in a minute

directly below the display we have touch

ID on the home button and it works

perfectly well and quickly the home

button isn't actually a physical one but

a capacitive one essentially when it

feels pressure the phone will vibrate to

mimic a click this might sound weird but

trust me when I say it's not a problem

and you get used to it fast plus less


parts means less breakable parts battery

life on the iPhone 7 is okay the smaller

one should get you through the day

without any issue assuming you're not

you know using it a ton the iPhone 7

plus on the other hand has a pretty good

battery and should easily get you

through the day even under heavy use the

iPhone 7s camera is still pretty good at

12 megapixels with the ability to shoot

video in 4k you can get some really nice

shots with it and the optical image

stabilization really helps everything

look smooth the seven-plus again has

that second camera lens on the back

which allows for two time zoom and

portrait mode but not much else

I'll be showing some photo examples in a

second but first let's go over the

front-facing cameras as well they're 7

megapixels a good increase from the 5

megapixels in the 6s and can take some

half-decent selfies or at least I had

imagined it could if I wasn't the

subject regardless if you were thinking

of getting the iPhone 7 but we're

worried about the camera don't be both

the rear and front perform more than

well enough in 2019 and can get some

really stunning shots in the right

lighting at least and now I'll put some

pictures up for you to see for yourself

speed wise the iPhone 7 is very solid

with apples 810 fusion ship and 2

gigabytes of RAM and the 7 pluses of

course even better with 3 gigs of RAM

long story short anything you do on the

iPhone 7 or 7 plus is going to feel fast

and fluid from gaming to social media

you aren't really gonna have any

complaints I was 12 runs like a charm

and the 7 feels faster than ever it's a

pleasure to use and doesn't feel 2 years

old so with that all in mind is the

iPhone 7 and 7 plus still worth buying

so far they sound pretty darn good and

not like phones from 2016 but before we

give them the seal of approval let's

turn to pricing

Apple still sells these phones starting

at 450 dollars which isn't bad but also

isn't great if you want to get the

iPhone 7 new you'll probably want to

look towards buying on contract from a

carrier as there are frequent deals on

the phone and it shouldn't be too hard

to find one or the other option is you

could buy the 7 used off eBay or

Craigslist turning to eBay comm we see

it goes for around $300 used and often

less which is a pretty good price point

so all in all if you really are set on

say go for it both are great phones in

2019 and you aren't going to have any

problems however if you're a bit unsure

I'd actually recommend you go for the

iPhone 8 or 8 plus as they have the same

basic design but are faster and have

better cameras plus you get double the

storage at 64 gigabytes instead of 32

they'll get at least an extra year

support and will feel faster for longer

so if you're looking long-term they are

the much better buy if you want to see

some more of my opinions on which iPhone

you should get I'll link some

comparisons in the description below as

well as my full buying guide for iPhones

and with that I think I'm pretty much

done here I've always liked the iPhone 7

and have felt that it's a bit of a pity

people overlooked it simply because of a

lack of headphone jack

although I really do miss that headphone

jack but the iPhone 7 is still a great

phone and it's nice to see that it holds

up really well in 2019 if

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