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welcome to the new episode of healthy

life Stevie today we're going to discuss

about the simple kitchen ingredient that

act as teeth whitening agent but before

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of falater's videos a bright smile is

something that make us presentable and

confident but there are many factors

that lets do the discoloration of teeth

this can be due to aging over intake of

coffee or tea poor oral hygiene and also

due to effect of climatic condition of

course there are teeth whitening

treatment with which you can get back

your white teeth but for a common man

taking appointment with the dentist

everyone may not be feasible so we will

give you some remedies on how to whiten

your teeth easily with simple home

remedies in this video we'll be

providing you with remedies using a very

common kitchen ingredient that is

turmeric vitamin C magnesium and

selenium in turmeric help you in getting

a strong set of teeth also turmeric

possess and the inflammatory properties

that will help you when getting any kind

of germ infection and inflammation now

let's see how it works......

turmeric salt and lemon juice lemon help

in bleaching away the stains on the

teeth likewise salt also help in

treating discoloration first you need to

slightly rose the term recruits later

write it to make a fine powder take one

teaspoon of this turmeric powder in a

bowl and pinch of salt make a smooth

paste by squeezing in a few drop of

lemon juice and blend all the

ingredients well take some of the space

and apply it on your teeth let it stay

for a few minute and later you can wash

it off with normal water repeat this


three times a week for better result

turmeric coconut oil and baking soda

baking soda and coconut oil have

properties that help in whitening the

teeth all you require for this is 4 TSP

of turmeric powder 2 TSP of baking soda

and 3 TSP of coconut oil in a clean bowl

take the term rake coconut oil and

baking soda mix all the ingredients well

first brush your teeth about 2 minutes

switch the term Rican coconut oil

solution once and then follow by normal

water you can repeat this remedy 2 to 3

times also keep repeating this every

week at least 1 to 2 times until you

notice the difference turmeric mustard

oil and salt a regular use of mustard

oil and salt will help you giving a

whiter and brighter teeth effectively in

a clean bowl take 1 TSP mustard oil a

pinch of salt and 1/2 TSP turmeric


combine all the ingredients well and

make a piece you can use this as

toothpaste to do a few minutes and you

can find a huge difference turmeric and

man license all you require for this is

mix 1/2 TSP of turmeric powder and a few

drops of vanilla essence to make a

smooth paste dip your toothbrush in this

paste and brush your teeth gently later

rinsed off with water and then you can

rustle teeth.....

dragna tooth paste you can repeat this

two to three times a week for better

result hope you.....

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