How to Master the Facebook Pixel like a Pro

hi everybody and welcome to this month

at espresso webinar this month we're

going to be covering how to master the

Facebook pixel like a pro and so just

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so yeah everything seems to be good so

let's get going with this month's

webinar and how to master the Facebook

pixel so just a little bit of

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so just a favor beef introduction I'm

Paul and the head of education at

espresso so I did a lot of our coaching

I do our webinars I look after an

espresso University our education portal

and if you've got any questions after

this webinar feel free to drop me an

email it's pulled out at espresso comm

we can reach out on Twitter just at and

espresso there so what are we going to

be covering we're going to go through

ten points here you can look at the

benefits of the pixel what he pixel

actually is how to create it how to

implement it then there's two different

ways of tracking events there's what's

called standard events or custom

conversions then we're kind of getting

into the more technical details of

debugging privacy laws some settings but

then just at the end if you don't glaze

they would by then will gave you some

advanced tactics

mastery for you there so this kick

things off with a little poll here let

me just launch this poll okay let's just

see I don't think that quite works let

me see if I can open it up again let's

have a look okay let's go and see here

no this seems to not be working properly

so that's fish suppose are basically if

you could just put in chat there whether

you are new to the pixel or whether you

already use it with you in advance shoes

or a new user that'd be really useful

there okay let's have a look keys coming

they're not people saying you to the

pixel bestest in advance so seems to be

quite a mix that we're getting here wow

yeah so some people got some some

knowledge with it so I'm just starting

off so we're saying we're going to be

covering the basics our first and at the

end of the webinar we're going to be

going through the more advanced details

there so let's get into the details here

first of all we can be covering the

benefits of the pixel so even if you're

not implementing it yourself and you're

getting like a developer or the

marketing team to do it we're going to

go through some key points we should be

using the pixel there so the first point

is it likely to track the number of

conversions and like here we could see

in this campaign we've got 26

conversions we can then look at the cost

per conversion this could be a lead it

could be a sale it could be a a starting

a trial and we could be looking at this

conversion rate there so that's much

more useful than just looking at the

click-through rate and cost per click

next if we're doing e-commerce we could

be looking at the revenue there this is

really important we're not that

interested sometimes and what our cost

for sell is what we want to know is

dollars in or like a currency and

dollars out there that's the kind of

goal that we're looking there for

revenue reporting

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