How To Make Windows 10 Faster, Decrease Boot Time Increase Performance

okay in this tutorial we are going to

show you how to dramatically increase

the speed of Windows 10 alright to start

first area to cover will be a disk

cleanup so I'm going to go down to the

lower left and we're going to type in

this cleanup and then next we're going

to click we're going to click on the

disk cleanup desktop app and we're going

to give it just a minute to scan the

system for files that X it can be

removed okay all right so pretty much in

this situation you're mainly going to

stick with the default but if you would

like to keep your you know the contents

of your downloaded phone you know your

downloads folder...

you know from Internet Explorer or

Google Chrome something like that you

know go ahead and uncheck this box here

okay make sure you keep your temporary

internet files that box checked I

probably would check the recycle bin

need to clean it out definitely check

the temporary files and also the

thumbnails okay next click on OK and

then it will ask you to confirm when you

sure you want to do to permanent delete

these files and then click on delete

files now it may take a few seconds or

it may take several minutes for it to

complete it just depends on the shape of

your system ok after it's done it will

pretty much just disappear it will not

display any you know results you know

documents or anything like that ok

alright ok....

after that's done next area is to

perform a disk check easiest way to do

that is I'm just going to just go down

here so the lower-left will not affect I

tell you what let's just do it this way

I'm going to click on file explorer from

the Start menu

alright and then locate alright locate

disk C I'm going to go ahead and click

on this PC and right click on local disk

C and then select properties

now as the properties menu of a box

opens click on the tools tab alright and

the next click on right on these

error-checking click on check alright

next click on scan drive alright and let

it scan your drive now what it's going

to do is it's going to check your drive

for corrupt files and unused space that

may be marked as you know in use you

know things like that ok it may take a

minute or two or it may take 30 minutes

or more I for what to run but let it

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