Best Android Screen Recorder 2019 || Android screen recorder

- In today's video, I'm gonna show you

what might be the best
screen recording app for 2019

and as you know if you've
been watching my channel

for a while, I love to
dig into screen recorders,

there's a lot of them out there,

so let's jump into this one
which is AZ Screen Recorder

and let's find out

if it is the best screen
recording app for 2019.

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Now let's open up AZ Screen Recorder

and find out if this is the
best screen recorder for 2019.

So opening up Mobizen, the
first thing I'm gonna look at

is the Settings which
is the blue gear icon

right here in the top,

I'm gonna tap on that and as
you see right here on the top

is the Encoder, it's
already set for Default mode

which is more stable,

I'm gonna trust that they know
what they're talking about

so I'm gonna leave that as is.

Underneath that is the Use magic button,

when you turn that on it says

single tap on the top
right area of the screen

to pause or resume, double tap to stop,

or long touch to draw.

I keep this turned off,

you can turn it on and experiment with it,

see if it works for you.

Underneath that you
have Stop Notifications,

moving on down from there,
this is the important stuff.

You have Video Configuration,
you have Resolution,

now mine's set to 1920 by
1080 but if you tap on it,

you can see that it goes all
the way up to 2010 by 1080,

that's really big.

But I'm gonna keep mine at 1920 by 1080

and if you find that your
phone's a little bit laggy,

go into Resolution and reduce it down

until you no longer have lag.

Underneath that is the frame rate,

mine's currently set for
30 frames per second,

but for this video, I'm
actually gonna reduce it down

to 24 frames per second
and if you're a gamer,

you want smoother video,

so you want to up yours up
to 60 frames per second.

Closing that down and
moving down to Bit-rate,

you can open that up and set that

to whichever one works best for you,

I keep mine on 12, you can move it to Auto

which it might change
around based on your device,

again, if you find that
your phone is laggy,

this is another area that
you wanna experiment with.

Moving down from there is Orientation,

this is gonna change it
between Landscape or Portrait,

I keep mine at Auto so
whichever way I turn the phone,

it's automatically gonna work.

If you wanna record a time-lapse,

this is where you can do
it underneath Orientation

and here's the Audio, this is the part

that so many people
have been asking about.

It says Record Audio,

then it says internal audio recording

is not allowed by Google,

however you can turn it on
and it does work in a way.

Now when it comes to
recording internal audio

with an Android this is where
things kinda get tricky.

What's actually happening here

as you'll see that Google
says it's not allowed

to record your audio at this time

but you can still turn
it on on most devices,

if you don't have an
option to turn this on,

it means your phone does
not support this feature.

What's happening here is as the
audio is leaving the speaker

it is being recorded by the microphone,

this is how the apps get
around Google's current block

on recording internal audio.

However, if you have a
Samsung or an LG phone,

you need to download Mobizen

and Mobizen has a specific version

for both Samsung and LG that
gives you full audio controls

that will bypass all of this

and I'm gonna put a
link to a Mobizen video

that I made right there

and if you have a Samsung or an LG,

make sure you check that video out

because that's a screen recorder

that you want for your phone.

And for everybody else, you
can also check out Mobizen

or you can check out this
app AZ Screen Recorder.

Both of these screen
recording apps are fantastic,

I've used Mobizen in the past
to show all of my tutorials

but I'm gonna start using AZ Recorder

to see how that compares with Mobizen

and maybe in the future

I'll do an AZ Recorder
versus Mobizen video,

so if you wanna see that,

make sure to go down and
leave a comment below

and let me know if that's
the video you wanna see.

Moving down from there,

if you wanna add text or a logo,

your own logo on top of
your screen recordings,

you can do that there, you
can show your screen touches

so as you touch around on the screen,

it shows a little tap mark.

This works really well
if you're doing tutorials

but if you're not doing tutorials

or you don't wanna show the touch marks,

you can turn that off.

Underneath that, you can show your camera

and this works great if you
wanna do reaction videos

or you want your face in
the video for some reason.

You can simply turn that on

and it's gonna activate
the camera in the phone.

Moving down to the Timer,
it has a time recording,

you can show the recording duration,

it has a countdown before start.

I leave this turned on so it gives me

a three, two, one countdown

before it actually starts
a screen recording.

Underneath that you
have the countdown value

and that's where you can choose

how many seconds the countdown is.

Underneath that is Others,
if you want to remove ads,

yes this does come with ads, it is free,

not sure what you'd expect with a free app

but it is free and if you
want to remove the ads,

you turn that on, I think it costs

around three U.S. dollars,

however, I do not use the paid version,

I use the free version, the
ads don't bother me a bit.

Growing on down from there,
you have the Controller Type,

this is gonna be the bubble

which you saw when we first started

where all the icons showed up

down on the bottom right screen or a bar,

I prefer the bubble because I find the bar

is just a little bit awkward.

Moving down from there, you
have the Bubble Buttons,

select five buttons to display,

this lets you choose what
you actually wanna show.

For example if you're not
interested in live streaming,

you can simply come in and toggle that off

and it's not gonna show up.

Underneath that you Keep
notification on exit,

underneath that you have
Disable review pop-up,

that means that when the
recording is finished,

you're gonna get a pop-up notification

to let you know that the
recording is finished

and all of that good stuff.

And then of course at the very bottom,

you have the Output directory.

Now if you want to know if I legit think

that this is the best
room recorder in 2019,

I have to say maybe.

I'm still sold on Mobizen so I'm not sure

if this is gonna replace Mobizen or not

but with either one of
these, you can't go wrong.

So I would say it's
definitely one or the other,

Mobizen or AZ Screen Recorder.

But as always, I recommend
you try them both

and see which one works
best for your phone

and for your needs.

If you wanna learn how to
make content on your phone

or be a mobile YouTuber,

be sure to hit that Subscribe button

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so you don't miss out on future videos.

Thank you so much for watching,

I do appreciate it and I'll
see you in the next video.

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