Aloe Vera Plant - Health Benefits How to Use and Extract

Aloe Vera Plant - Health Benefits How to Use and Extract

hi there welcome to

lifestyle recipes I just wanted to share

a little bit of an experience that I had

lately with the fantastic plant aloe

vera and its amazing healing properties

and I've also sort of looked into and

researched a little bit more regarding

the properties of aloe vera and just

what an amazing fantastic superfood

healer general all-round skin cleanser

that it is so I'm just gonna show you

and how you would treat a burn using

aloe vera and I'm gonna go through with

you some of the fantastic properties

it's got I hope you enjoy this video so

this is one of my aloe vera plants as

you can see it's been very well hacked

away most of the leaves are kind of

missing where I've been using it but not

to worry the leaves will grow back now

aloe vera contains many vitamins

including AC e folic acid proline

vitamin b12 as well as lots of minerals

including manganese calcium magnesium

zinc selenium sodium iron potassium

copper so I've just basically cut off a

leaf just there and with a pair of

scissors I'm just cutting off these

spikes on either end to make it more

manageable and easier to cut so I'm just

cutting it right down burst and

there in order to extract the gel from

the center of the leaf so I'm just going

to get a spoon and just literally sort

of scoop it out so to speak I'm going to

collect it into my bowl there aloe vera

is fantastic there we have gotten a

digestive problem because it sort of got

them is it's a gel in fact which

basically can move through your

intestinal tract and absorb toxins along

the way and sort of they eliminate all

the toxins through the colon so it's

really fantastic for digestion and for a

detox so aloe vera is known to soothe

and cleanse the digestive tract and also

help digestion

hello alkalizes the body...

I'm helping it to balance in overly

acidic dietary systems so it's sort of

an alkaline forming food so it's really

important because diseases manifest and

they multiply in very acidic environment

so it's important to get an alkaline

into your body and of course it's a real

immune system booster because of its

high level of antioxidants...

now just here what I'm doing obviously

and once I've scraped all of the gel out

of both sides of the leaf I'm just

cutting them up into small little pieces

and I'll basically use them as facial

wipes putting that box into the fridge

and I'm going to use it as a facial wipe

in the morning so here you can see my

husband's hand basically he burped

himself doing the Barbie and what I'm

doing is using the gel and the inside of

the aloe vera plant I'm just basically

just getting a smallish amount of aloe

vera and I'm just sort of spreading it

on the saw......

his hand where it's hurting him and I'm

just wrapping up in a bandage and just

sort of keeping that basically kept

making sure that the yellow vera is

keeping on his skin for as long as

possible he did say that and as soon as

the aloe touched his burn I'd be really

sort of felt a soothing difference and I

thought like you know there was ice

there so he just sort of stayed like

that for a while and in the meantime

with what was left over I decided I

would freeze a bit of the aloe vera so I

can pop it pop it into a smoothie later

on or I've just in the end I didn't do

that in the end I just used it on his

hand but that's a really good idea you

can make them aloe vera ice cubes and

then add them to smoothie or to a juice

so basically later on the next day we

needed to have some more although they

were on his hands and instead of having

to open another aloe vera leaf I just

used the gel that I earned from the

previous day and then here you can just

see where his hand is fantastically

healed and the fantastic healing effects

of the aloe vera plant as you can see is

almost perfectly back to normal just

there because basically the gel kind of

has a real soothing effect because it's

sort of moisturizes hydrates and

refreshes the skin and also it's auntie

Putra sick meaning that it sort of

really relieves itching as well as sort

of giving it sort of a light natural

collagen injection to the skin which

basically improves the skin elast

elasticity and rejuvenates the skin see

these are just a demonstration of some

of my other aloe vera plants here I've

got them as houseplants but I do I just

put them out in the garden to show you

just for demonstration purposes of this

video aloe vera also increases the

oxygen supply to the skin cells when you

put it on their skin on your skin so it

vastly improves blood flow and it's kind

of known as sort of rejuvenator

something that helps with longevity but

I think I'd take that declaration about

aloe vera with a tiny pinch of salt


so I don't really hope that you've

enjoyed this video on aloevera don't

forget it also does disinfect kill germs

and bacteria and viruses and fungi

inside the body when it's ingested so it

is a really fantastic product is really

fantastic plant and why don't you just

try adding it to smoothie or to reduce

but it can also have a laxative effect

so it's important that you don't sort of

have too much probably just sort of one

dose a week perhaps one ice cube a week

or a couple of ice cubes in a couple of

smoothies a week something like that as

well as putting it onto your skin

topically so feel free to visit my

website healthy lifestyle recipes for a

full blog article regarding all of these

facts about aloe vera plus more really

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