AFILIADO COM INSTAGRAM, Ganhar Dinheiro Com Instagram Sendo Afiliado

How to be tapped with Instagram, and how to make lots of money by being affiliated using Instagram.

Today a step by step for you to learn how to become a super affiliate using Instagram

even without appearing, if you do not want to.

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Well, today I'm going to talk about you working affiliate marketing using Instagram,

I will show you here with examples, step by step, in practice, on the computer screen,

I'll also use the cell phone if I see that I need to show something on it, I'll

show how to be an affiliate using Instagram, just with these examples for you to see

what is working, and what does not work, right?

Come on, let's go here to the computer screen, so we can start talking about this account

that I left here open, who practice affiliate marketing here, and have had a

good result according to my analyzes here.

Instagram it is a media that we have already spoken in the other videos here of the channel,

and you noticed that it has a very big adhesion of the public, there are a lot of people migrating

of other social networks, especially from Facebook to here pro Instagram, Instagram

is a more focused, more direct media, you can not get much publicity at all

how much is it on Facebook, Facebook can publish everything to your line of

time has become a mess, no one else even looks at it there, because it's just

a mess only, here Instagram is much more focused, I could say that some 70% for the image,

and some video, the video is not as strong here on Instagram, even you

being able to publish videos of up to 1 minute or if a carousel is bigger right.

Because this focus is greater, there is no such distraction, something else, in Instagram, yes, it has

ads but for now is much less than Facebook, Facebook is well-loaded ad,

so it's just that the audience has come here because it's a cool media to use for


Well, some problems have here, first problem in the posts you make, it is not possible

put a link, then people who work with affiliate marketing and will take that you

follow here the channel, that you are registered, of course, if you are not registered

I know you are now going to drag your mouse or finger and click the

subscribe, but because I spoke in the other video here of the channel, how to use Hotmart, I do not know

if you remember or not, but here in the channel, and there you can have a sense of what the

Affiliate, but the affiliate works a lot with such a link, the affiliate link, that what

he uses to publicize the product he wants to sell, and earn commission, if on Instagram

you can not affiliate link in your posts, as you will disclose

so there, there are those little barriers there, which does not prevent Instagram from working a lot

well, to many and many students there that so using only the Instagram.

I said I was going to show you how not to appear, and how to appear too, this first account

here brigadeiro and cake in the pot, it is an account that the account of this account does not appear, you

see the photo here in profile is a photo of sweets, the publications here feed

also, does not have the photo of anyone, the stories that are made here are photos with text, only

text, with that poll and everything else, a real person in himself does not have here in that account,

and even so it is an account that is with 138 thousand followers, and how is made the disclosure

the affiliate link, the affiliate product on that account?

Well, one of the few places you can put your link, click, how much

on the computer, and on the cell phone, is from your biography of your home screen, so look

just brigadeiros and cake in the pot that is the title here of the business, here is a call to

action, that is some benefits of this business brigadeiro and cake in the pot that is the product

that he wants to divulge here, then lha only: Learn how to make gourmet sweets, win

up to 5 thousand a month, build your business and everything else, so here, click here

and know how, this is a call to action, this is done here in your Instagram biography,

if I click he will open this site which is linktree, a link shortener for you

put more than one link inside, so when I click here, we know there is

already had seen you already there, that you click it goes straight to a site clicked go

to a site ready and finished, the linktree it's cool because you can create this shortening

for several links, there the user, the people who clicked, it falls here on this screen, and can

choose where he saw it click, I think that in this one, we just

click, it's a bit loaded, it has 8 links here, it's a bit too much, the choice is over

that is difficult, the person ends up not choosing anything and closes, so 3 links

of different content is interesting to use here, but only to complete then he

have an account, a large account, a lot of people interact with the posts, view the profile, click

in the link because it has this call to action here, it falls on this screen, choose one of the links,

click and then yes, go to affiliate link that ta here, school cake by marrara is the course

you need to get started in the world of confectionery and gain its independence

financial, there the sales page, videos, testimonials, there you can click here and buy,

that's how it works, and whether you're strange or not, I do not know what your

moment, but it works and works very well.

Next example, here is an example of Camila Guimarães, she is our affiliate and has a

Instagram a little different, her Instagram is an Instagram of authority, that is,

she appears, appears her face, if we click here will appear the stories where she

shows a bit of personal life where it appears in itself, this is an Instagram authority,

and works great too, works best when you do not show up, and then it goes

the same principle né, here is the biography where it makes a description of her work,

and make a call to action, click the link below, and when you click go there to her site

Camila Guimarães Official, let's see where he redirects this, oh to a similar page

with that of before, where the person can choose what she wants, then: Doubts, free e-book,

Look, she's our affiliate here in Formula, Expert, so everything here for her to win.

commissions from her, very interesting.

As it is used to divulge in this case here, she also using her own biography

has the link clicks and goes, and in the posts, publications, of course I will not find at all, I

I will not look here, because they are not all that have, let's look here in another that I

I left it ready already, this one follows the same principle of the cake in the pot, only there it is

in the niche of slimming, and there same thing, here ta without the biography link, I do not know,

maybe it gave some problem in the account, but basically it follows the same principle, it is an account with

15 thousand followers, can be made stories, here already has something done, challenges

here, 10kg challenge February, you topa?

This is a way for people who work with the weight-loss niche to sell

much here at Instgram, which is to publish those challenges, so when you post a stories,

here on Instagram and put this poll, of course, do not want, everything else, the user, can vote,

vote for one of the two, and because you own the account here, you can see the users who

voted in one or the other, and then you can get in touch with those people who voted

here in the poll that you put, when you contacted her she voted, wanted to participate

of the challenge, such and such and such, you can send message in direct and it is there that the

sale, I believe that the affiliates who make sale on Instagram there, much more than half

using just the direct to make the sale, they interact with the Instagram here,

people interact with them, they call in the direct to talk, a little, see if

the person needs a little help, what she wants to do and everything, and convert the sale

by direct, look at just another example here, pretty much the same thing, here's the bill,

the count of followers, the call to action here of the biography, and here the link of a website

which is the kind of a shortening also, that there direct to the product of slimming

of Carlos that is the fit60d product, so there is an affiliate link too, and if you

look here in the posts, this post here for example, I'll click on it, look here, it

posted this image here, had a certain interaction, normal, and here in the caption of the image you

You know, I said that before you can not put links here, but look at this.

he still left a call to action, this is really cool, how to lose weight at the very least

21kg in just 60 days, without exercises, diets and remedies, access the blue link in the profile,

the person clicks here, which is the blue link, click on the profile, which is the blue link in the

profile, this one here, we're using the computer screen here, so it stays a bit

bigger, is not so focused, but on the cell phone how small it looks right in the face, he

appears well, so it's pretty easy to find, and of course Instagram, you know great,

most uses it on the cell phone, so it is more targeted to the cell phone, basically

in this example here, how is it done?

A process is done here to grow the number of followers, people as they access

here the account will see the biography, will click on the link, have the product and will see the posts

Also, it is very normal in your feed when a post appears, you look what ta

description and also look what ta in the comments, it is quite normal, so a strategy here:

Make that call to action, click on the blue link in my biography, and in the comments

do the same thing, in the first comment you can even make.

Another example here, same principle, call for action, link here, direct partnership,

here is a recipe, and practical and easy, type I want to know, people type

it contacts the direct, let's go to another example, this is the same example

of the slimming niche, but here comes the profile of authority that I spoke of before, it is

a person who has an authority profile, with 263,000 followers, and the principle is well

seems to have a difference, there is a call to action here in the biography, it has

a link that goes to her site, just look at the photos, if you see this profile here

that nobody appears, the interaction with the images, until this one is cool,

but there are some, look at this one as it is low, it has enough followers and the interaction is

very low, when it is a real person who seems to be talking here, the relationship and interaction

with the posts is much bigger, look this one, 5 thousand likes, and so it goes, look 6 thousand likes,

and so it goes, then you can see that the interaction is much larger, and the principle

is the same, to divulge here in the biography, to make call to action in the own description

here of the image, something interesting of this one that I did not speak, let me just go back

here is the use of some more features that you can put link too, I said

before one of the only places you can link, it is precisely in this part

here, only that there is one more place that you can put link that is very cool that is

in stories, only it is only after you make 10,000 followers, if you have 10,000

followers on your Instagram, you can put a link in it, let's see if people

gives luck to click and get some link, not yet, here she just marked one person,

I'm going to increase the volume here so we save time, let's hope to have some link, for

will not have any link, come on, he did not put any links in the stories,

just because we wanted to see, so let's jump next, this other example here,

follows the same principle that I told you before, of publication and content to attract your

audience, grows the channel and divulges here in his biography, and also discloses in the description

of the images, this profile still does not have 10 thousand followers, can not put link

in stories, this one already has 20 thousand followers already can put, we will see if we think

some link here we go, here is a first image, a second, here, just an appetizer

takes our ketogenic kit that has been successful in sales and results, click below to

you see more, there clicks, opa passed, the user clicks on the stories opens the affiliate link,

This is quite cool to do, but you have to have more than 10,000 followers.

This one here too, lose weight without dieting, has 237,000 followers, the owner here

does not appear, and the same principle, called for action in the biography, called for action

also in the description, and also in the stories probably, look, benefits of not

I know what, ata just has a story, but it's the same principle can puts can put stories

there and put link in there too, pro affiliate link.

Let me find another, this one also with 91 thousand followers, this one already has,

this one is very good this kind of way of divulging, because ó: Participate in the challenge

10 days with low carb to lose weight, drag up know our diet and challenge, for

What to drag up?

Because as I said, this one is much more used, on the phone, on the smartphone, and for you

access the stories link on your smartphone is by dragging up on the computer clicking,

but as people use their cell phone more, dragging it up goes where it's clear,

for an affiliate link, the affiliate link, more health team, everything else, is another one

weight loss product that I did not even know, and so goes with the examples I'm showing you

here, I'll leave it to you to have a look, practically follows the same principle.

Now, let me open another one I want to show you, Rose's, Rose's our student,

our affiliate, we have 20,000 followers with the big Instagram, so follow that one

principle that I told you, you can put link in the stories, you can put link here in the biography

of course, and can leave a distraction here in the content.

Rose I left it open here in specific, of course there are several other affiliates who

make enough sales with Instagram, but Rose because she is our affiliate, I can talk

for her, without being her here, I can talk because I can see her data, so

I know she does a lot of selling using Instagram, she does using that strategy

that I'm just passing through here, she's unique, she exclusively uses Instagram to grow the audience of the

Instagram it, then put photo, motivational phrases, small videos, everything done

with simple software like Canva, which I already showed you in the other class, applications for

editing super easy videos too, creating animated texts is the way she

uses here, so here, it costs to use phrases, proofs of result that she has, prints of

sales, billing print, that kind of thing, people who want to have their own

online business, are interested in it, think "How does Rose do it?

I'll ask, "call the direct question to her, she says" There's an online structure,

everything, I have here my channel, my business, I had to study a lot to learn, the

course that I used was that "ready, convert the sale into direct that way, so she

interest in the audience, always in constant growth, this audience calls her to

ask the private, then she makes that answer.

Another way is to motivate your audience to call you to ask, so I do not know

if it's going to be here, but let's use as an example, there's a phrase here and everything, and here in the

description, let's just use as an example, could have some call to action

"So, you see in this photo I'm having great results here in Marketing

Digital and everything, if you want my help, to help you also have results,

get work from home, or have extra income out of hours, much more, call me

do not direct us to have a chat "Okay, she made a call to action in the description,

since it is not possible to put a link, talk to the person calls me on the direct, the user

will read and will think "Wow, I want it too" will call her in direct, she will

talk, and she will say "I have my structure, I do not know what I like, such, such,

I had to study a lot, it took a little bit, but I had to study, now I'm getting it,

I'm doing well, I'm so happy, and that was the way I got it, it was this method,

that I followed "Put the link of the product she is affiliated with, that our case is Formula

Online Business, right, that's one of the ways.

That same "formulule" of you from the person calling you in the direct can

be done also within the stories, why I talk so much about the stories here in the

Instagram in specific?

Because according to a survey I did here on my YouTube channel, I wondered if

you follow the videos here I asked, where do you stay longer on Instagram?

Is it in the feed or is it in the stories?

And so, it's the stories, and so this was a search I did, but seconds

data that I researched and read, the stories get to have 10 times more public retention

than the feed itself, the feed is where you get your finger up the cell,

so it means the staff gets more time in the stories, so if you use the stories

to do the same strategy, will work better still, you publish there the stories,

the staff will see, and will say "This here is the result of that month, then 7,528 reais

and such, and if you want it from here "example of Rose speaking, is just an example" And if

you want to know what method I'm using, call me here at direct

I tell you "and the person calls, she talks and does the conversion there, practically the sale

in Instagram it works like this, a call to action for users there calling you in the

direct, and there you convert the sale, or simply put the link here in the biography, and there the

user who has his profile there, which is growing, see your profile, the staff

come here to look, click on the link and go.

And also, put the link there in the stories when you have more than 10 thousand followers, are

the three ways I want to tell you today.

In addition to these three forms has a tool that connects Instagram very well, that is, it

and Instagram work very well, they made a very good pair there that is Whatsapp, so

instead of you asking the person to call you in the direct, you can ask the person

call in Whatsapp, and you give your number to her, when that happens you have many

you have many possibilities from there, the same thing to convert the person by direct,

you can do it in Whatsapp too, which is a conversation too in the same way,

you're more likely to build a WhatsApp list, because when you put the

your number, and ask the person to call you, the person has to put you on the agenda so

is what happens whenever the person can call you, with that you can get there in the

your Whatsapp also save this person, even put it on the list, today we do not even recommend it

more put into list, because transmission list does not deliver the messages, it is kinda tricky,

but after you have gone a little you can use the lead lovers system that commands

automatic email, a number of things, but the fact is when the person calls you in Whatsapp,

you can convert it for sale too, just like you do in direct, and besides you

can save that person if she does not buy, if she has an interest, but has not

money at that time to convert later, the very clear example of this is Kerlia Souza

in November, she asked me how much it was going to be the Black Friday promotion, because

she had a list on her Whatsapp, I think she was about 40 and there were few people there,

waiting so long that the name of the list was like this: Waiting FNO promo, ie waiting for promotion

are people who wanted to buy, but did not have enough money, were

waiting for a promotion, she came to ask me when I was going to have and such, I wanted to

that list of her that was already ready, this example that I just told you, then

using Instagram with Whatsapp works great too.

One thing I forgot just to make it clear here in the end, and that's not direct, when you

Talk to the person in the direct, you can put links too, then it works too.

I hope you liked it, Instagram is by far the best media today.

social for you to use, and ours is very good, I see affiliates I have thousands of reals

of billing for less, using only Instagram and often without appearing ta?

I'll leave here below the video, the link of an e-book that is the e-book 38 ways of

fly sell as an affiliate, I'll leave the link here below, you can get it for free,

there are more things there on Instagram, and I will also leave below the link of my training

which is, there we have there, a module there only from Instagram,

where I talk about Instagram, there is the bonus, which the bonus now called the goal

of the result, which is the extra training, we are giving bonuses to Formula students,

and within that method result that is an extra training, has a module only Instagram,

so if you become a student of the Formula, you will have access to all the contents of Formula

but that's what I just told you now, I'll leave the link here below the video,


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