3 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight for Skinny People || how to gain weight

3 Ways to Gain Healthy Weight for Skinny People || how to gain weight

how to gain weight naturally in one

month for some people weight gain is as

painful as weight loss for others these

opposites never collide however having

low weight problems may be just as bad

for your health as being fat there is so

much information about weight loss but

how do you act to achieve the opposite.....

the basic principles are the same for

losing and gaining extra weight....

check out these methods and let us know

in the comments which methods work for


one change your diet....

you should do it for many obvious

reasons we need healthy food to build up

a strong body think productively can't

sustain optimal health it's the

fundamental part of our life since our

body composition is 80 percent diet we

should not ignore the crucial role of

food in a weight gain struggle an

average person needs around 3500

calories to gain a pound you need an

extra 500 calories a day if you want to

put on extra weight in a week food

paradise you might think not so fast

being mindful of what you eat is

important when we say food is important

we don't mean any food you like don't

set your weight gain on the enormous

amount of pizza junk food and coke of

course they'll help you gain weight but

may damage your health too you know that

muscles in your body's a much more than


but fat is a fast grower don't be misled

by a quick weight gain based on

unhealthy feeding habits here are some

do's and don'ts about healthy eating....

eat more protein rich foods protein is

the key for muscle building it will help

you gain muscle weight rather than fat

mass good sources of protein are red

meat and poultry eggs and whole grains

salmon is high in calories and healthy

fats yogurt is high in protein

- enjoy your toast with butter jam

peanut butter or honey however keep in

mind that protein is also very

nourishing so it can reduce your hunger

and appetite significantly don't fill

your stomach with water before meals

otherwise you won't be able to eat as

much as you need always carry a healthy

snack don't be lazy and bring cheese and

crackers or dried fruit to your office

or in the movies olives and cheese are

great when you want something fresh and

new carry energy-dense snacks to fill

your hunger when you're out diet on

vegetables and fruits choose them

smartly though vegetables with calories

are much better than watery ones choose

avocados potatoes sweet potatoes and

corn fruits like bananas blueberries

grapes and mangos can give you calories

and fiber change your eating habits this

means eating more meals during the day

instead of overeating once a day eat as

much as you want but avoid feeling

bloated and extra full for a hard gainer

eating 5 to 6 times a day should be

enough remember to make your portions

smaller and diverse eat one small snack

one hour before bed it will help you

gain weight....

to build your muscles now that you have

healthy food as an essential element for

gaining weight you can start shaping

your muscles maintain a balanced mix of

cardio weight training and flexibility

exercises every day the basis of your

training should consist of squats

deadlifts presses and push-ups these

trained multiple muscles and are

familiar to all if you see the progress.........

your body when the main amount of fat is

gone your muscles will shape up and

you'll start getting proper weight so

don't forget to eat before and after

your workout as good food will help

Hulme us a-- laughter intense training

set your weight goal with the help of

your physician the aim of weight gain

must differ for men and women so don't

try to put up with your friend standards

when in the gym talk to a personal

trainer and create a proper training

program that will help you reach your

goals faster the instructor will guide

you through specific exercises or

routines that can help you add weight

but remember that everything needs time

don't burn yourself out in the gym it

won't do any good to your health muscles

can't grow if you train them every day

with lots of exercises so be moderate

and take proper rest 3 stay motivated

your whole plan to gain weight starts in

your head yes it does as soon as this

thought was planted it grows and

develops to become a reality and put to

you into action so please don't

underestimate the power of an idea be

strongly committed to what you started

and remember why you did it we advise

and track your success make a food and

workout Journal to see where you started

and where you need to get you can

download an app that will help you keep

track of your accomplishments the

internet is filled with different

downloadable forms of eating routine

plans or workout tables find a way that

suits you the most and use it remember

that gaining weight takes time but as

soon as you achieve your goal don't stop

we organized your diet and training

program to keep the weight on a set

point you've done an incredible job in

healthy eating and tough training so we

believe nothing is impossible for you

now win....

share your experience in gaming wait in

the comment section don't forget to

share the video with you.....

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