Redmi Note 7 Pro is coming : OFFICIAL!

what's up guys everything in one back

here with another video so as we have

discussed earlier the company shall me

is all set to announce another amazing

device the me nine the event for this

beautiful device were going to held on

20th of this month which is only five

days ago however new rumors are

suggesting some surprise in this event

as today xiaomi sub-brand redmi has just

confirmed the happening of the most

anticipated redmi note 7 pro through a

post on chinese social media read me

confirmed that the note 7 pro is ready

to arrive and they could launch it very


however the post didn't reveal the

official release date of the phone but

it is possible that the company will

launch it with the upcoming xiaomi me 9

the post only highlights a big word pro

and nothing else

the company not even confirmed a single

feature of the device so let's discuss

about the previous rumors probably

yesterday xiaomi india's CEO have posted

this picture on his Twitter account that

reveals the official launch date of

redmi note 7 for india so there's a huge

chance the company will launch the note

7 pro exclusively in this event even

last year the company announced the

redmi note 5 pro first in india so you

can expect the note 7 pro launch date on

28th of february if you remember last

month a redmi note 7 pro render has been

leaked online the leak doesn't reveal

much about the device but it hinted at a

major feature the render highlights an

amx 586 sensor for the note 7 pro

combined in a 48 megapixel lens this

sounds amazing

so the phone may have a 48 megapixel amx

586 sensor at the back in this way it

would be a great surprise for those who

were complaining about an ineffective

samsung's gm1 lens present on the redmi

note 7

other features of the phone are still

mystery but according to different

rumors that we have heard so far the

redmi note 7 pro will have a better

processor than a standard note 7 so it

could be the newly announced snapdragon

675 chipset what you think so

which processor you expect from this

device let me know in comments so as

there's no more information currently

you can stay tuned with us for future


apart from redmi note 7 pro there's

another leak trending on the web the

retail packaging of the xiaomi me9 has

been leaked and the picture of the

packaging has been taken from the me9

itself it almost confirmed a 48

megapixel camera setup in the phone so

this is how the packaging will look if

we get a chance to unpack this device so

that's all guys thanks for watching hope

you liked

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