Java Development Trends in 2019

you will know in which

area java programming language mostly

used in 2019 java is everywhere such as

super computers laptops scientific

gaming consoles in mobile phones and

mobile applications etc I will treat

Java dollar in trends for 2019 from

business point of view let us see one by

one the first one is big data processing

according to IBM report 90% of all the

data in the world has been generated in

the last two years that is today's data

increasing speed is very fast

and we need a faster and more efficient

method for its processing so why will

Java not cover this domain Python is

widely used for data science but I

believe it will shade the market with

Java equally Java supports frameworks

for big data processing like Apache

Hadoop and Apache spark the next one is

web development Java has a good

framework for development like JSF

struts hibernate GWT g-dub

distance for Google web toolkit spring

MVC etc if you have experience in any

tower dolloping then you will know one

of the ever frameworks for web

development the third one is Android

applications with the increased demand

for Android apps the need for Java

developers has also increased this is

because Android apps are either written

in Java or use Java APA so as a HR

expert you can work in mobile app

development companies and many other

Agnes or business that use mobile apps

for selling these products and services

the fourth one is financial services

Java developers always required by the

financial service team anyway on the


Java programming language is used in

server-side applications in the

financial industry so there are always

demands for Java developers in this

industry once you've joined a coach our

tutorial and gather complete knowledge

of this programming language you can be

a part of building one of the largest

independent technology and business

services forms the last one is the IOT

2019 will witness the Internet of Things

revelation and Java will have a big role

to play even now

Java is one of the few technologies

which how the capacity to power Internet

of Things based applications the tower

eme platform enables the creation of

secure and

praise mobility applications that are

used to drive the IOT connected devices

for organizations furthermore this is

the language that is supported by the

Intel IOT platform Java is being used

for developing more and more diverse

applications and it used it domains will

keep increasing so this all about

my side where Java development trends

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