How do I publish, like or comment as my Page on another Facebook

hello everyone I wasn't sure if we were

alive or not its Andrea Vahl here and

I'm gonna do a quick tutorial about how

to comment on another page as your

Facebook page now this is a great

technique that you can use to get more

visibility with a targeted audience so

say you know that another Facebook page

has your perfect potential customer

there and you want to be more visible

with that particular group of people

you can run a an ad possibly two that

the fans of that other Facebook page and

I talked about that in a previous video

and I'll put the link in here so you can

see that as well but that's not always

possible because sometimes pages have

limitations as far as how many fans they

have as to whether they can be targeted

or not it's kind of hit and miss with

Facebook with Facebook Ads

so another way to get in front of that

audience is to go in and be more visible

by commenting on their posts and you

need to be commenting on the posts of

the page and I would suggest doing that

very soon after that post is live so you

need to be watching the page for new

posts and then comment as your page so

here's a couple of ways to do it so say

I went over to social media examiner's

page for example and I wanted to get

connected with that group they actually

had a video going on right now and I

could comment over on their page but

when I go to their page it's showing my

personal profile not my page profile so

all I need to do is just go to this drop

down menu here and switch to my page and

now I can comment as my page and I

actually already looked at this video so

I knew what I would want to say about

this but I can just say great tips

thanks for the thoughts on this and just

comment there and now people who also

have commented or are seeing this video

will see my page name and then when they

mouse over it though it'll give them the

chance to possibly like my page as well

so again it's a great technique to get

more visible with different audiences

and all you need to do is switch this

this icon here to be commenting as your

page now there's some other ways to do

this that can be a little bit easier

because sometimes it's not always easy

to go and look at all the different

pages to see if they have a recent post

the reason you want to have it more

recent is because you're going to get

that higher visibility perhaps with

people who are seeing the post more

recently and then so then you want to

try a different technique to show some

recent Facebook page posts now there's a

have a pages feed and that is two like

pages as your page and then you can use

the pages feed right here to go and and

see those posts so this will show you

some kind of recent posts from the pages

that you have liked as your page now to

go and like a page as your page we're

getting that we're getting date deep

down in the woods

you can sit click these three buttons

and say like is your page and now I'm

gonna go and select a page that I want

to like it as I have to find the page

that's always the challenge so that's

the there's there's a lot of pages in

there so I would do that later but you

like it as your page and then you'll be

able to have that in your pages feed and

make comments as your page that's a

really easy way to do that and kind of

make a lot of comments at once to

connect with these pages make sure

you're making thoughtful comments on

these posts not just spam posts not just

come and like my page to make a make an

intelligent comment there it on those on

those posts so another way to do it is

to like those pages as your profile and

then look at your pages feed over here

so if you notice on the Left sidebar

I've got a pages feed and if I go to the

pages feed I'll see all the pages posts

that I have liked as my personal profile

and now I can go and comment on those

just the same way I would by switching

to my business page and making that that

comment so that's that's how you can do

it a different way a couple of different

ways so that you can bring those pages

posts into a central location rather

than having to go out and navigate to

each page post individually so hope that

was helpful just switched from the

drop-down menu to comment as your page

and talk to you again soon

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