8 Ways To Prevent Theft World information

welcome to a whole new world of sciencefun and gadgets going to explore the mostamazing anti-theft inventions and gadgets so sit back relax and enjoy theshownumber 8 bike mine one of the disadvantages of having a bicycle isthat it can be stolen at any time going through the bad experience of having hisbike stolen more than once yeah agreed needed to invent the bike mine mr. Reidis a london-based inventor and claims that this is the loudest and mostexplosive solution to prevent bicycle theft he comprised a titanium wirespring-loaded trap and a small detonator he then incorporated velcro straps toallow the device to be attached to the bike or any other vehicle an interestingthing about this device is that the detonator doesn't cause any harm so wedon't have to worry about the explosion anymore bike mine is difficult to detectby thieves hence it's so effective the blast will be so loud that for sure manyneighbors nearby will wake up at night after hearing it the bike mines amassive production hasn't started yet some extra budget is needed so we'llhave to wait patiently to get onenumber seven black sack are you a backpack lover do you like totake them everywhere for those situations where you need a bag to golight and leave your stuff behind without worrying about it the companylogo industrial bag corporation has you covered they released this uniqueanti-theft backpack fits a slash resistant bag which you can lock to anysecure object or structure when you can't carry it or you need a rest fromit the flag sack is made of a very resistant fabric to prevent slashing ordamage now you can keep your valuables in the some modern and stylish backpackand feel relaxed because for sure they won't be stolen locked up bags areconsidered the indisputable and most slash resistant bags in the world nomore worries about your personal things being stolennumber sixskunk lock what would you think of a gadget with the name skunk lock just byhearing the name it's not that hard to associate it with a stinky animal aunique feature about this u-shaped lock is that it will scare thieves away byjust emitting a bad smell this genius idea could be a way to reduce the highpercentage of bicycle thefts each year unlike common padlocks which can beforced and defeated easily by expert thieves this device consists of acylindrical locking mechanism designed with the grinder resistant technologywhich makes it almost impossible to cut through however if the thief succeeds inbreaking it down surprise the gadget will emit a noxious gas that will havethem puking all over the area this device is already in the market howabout rushing they get one to protect your wonderful bikenumber five the club steering wheel lockthe American company winner international nailed it when theydecided to create the club steering wheel lock this gadget has beenrecognized as the most recommended anti-theft wheel lock it consists of twopieces that are indeed locked together and form one long fixed bar with twoprotruding hooks that open to the ends of the barthe hooks fit around the rim of the steering wheel which makes it impossibleto remove the lock at the beginning when the club started to be manufactured andhad some weaknesses one of them was the material used to make it the freon gaswas sprayed on the gadget and it shattered however nowadays the companyuses chromoly steel to build it and makes the lock more resistant to sawinghammering and prying it's noteworthy that the club is designed with auniversal fit for any kind of vehicle with a steering wheel that is maybe oneof the reasons that it's so popularnumber four light lockhow about meeting the light lock bold named by many the world's lightestsecured by clock this a new gadget invented by neo Baron founder of theBritish company zeal innovation light lock is a combination of lightweightmaterials making up a strong flexible design and its patented BOA flexmaterial is so resistant that thieves will have the hardest time trying todefeat it and not succeeding in doing so in other words it's virtually impossibleto damage it is noteworthy that manufacturers tested it with differentkinds of tools they used cutters drills and even crowbars to break it down andthey couldn't do ita new wearable version of the Skagit with a special lock stopper is in now onthe market you can put it on like a common belt this model comes indifferent sizes and is a very light just less than 1.5 kilogramsnumber three Nimbo the future is definitely here and robots are not athing of our imaginations anymore they are real how about meeting nimbo as weknow robots are designed to perform a variety of functions but this compactrobot Nimbo is the perfect assistant for the police it has been built to help thepolice patrol the streets no way Nimbo is equipped with the highest technologyit actually can distinguish objects understand orders and chase criminals itcan work autonomously and move easily in a place full of people after beingprogrammed with a predetermined route and object recognition it is noteworthythat this smart machine can record and log everything and send images andreal-time to the police bad news for criminalsnumber two auto-lock this wonderful bicycle clinch lock launched by companyauto design in Oregon has been advertised as stronger than a cable lockbut lighter than a u-lock this gadget is covered by a cut resistant material anda mounting tool to cling to different kinds of itemsit's showed up great holes in capacity when it was tested by professional roadcyclist Jacob Rath the company claims that cyclists will feel secure whenusing this top notch device thanks to its reinforced stainless steel bandsthat will prevent damage from any cutting tool this will make the bicyclethieves think twice and surely they'll give up after trying time after time tocut it the auto lock has been launched with a lot of support from experts onthe matter and even propane torch can't damage it that's why this device is socool number one travel mate suitcasewho would imagine that suitcases could act like your most efficient assistantin your travels well meet travel mate suitcase the first autonomous suitcaseit actually behaves like an automated assistant robot this machine combinesartificial intelligence and adaptive learning something we couldn't haveimagined just a few years ago those special features allow travel mate to gothrough people and obstacles without any problem this multi-purpose robot canfollow you wherever you go and if it gets lost or is too fara high-tech tracking system will help it find you it also has an alarm in case oftheft what else could you ask forthanks.

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