How to Gain Weight Fast (for girls boys) Vegetarian Diet Healthy Safe Weight Gain Foods

y guys inspirati and today I'm going to talk about how to gain weight now if I saw my like me with a very high
metabolism first of all you totally have my sympathies I know exactly how tough this is you know you your friends
probably keep saying oh my god you're so lucky you can eat whatever you want to eat but the truth is like on some
days I genuinely feel that even if I drink an entire carton of ghee I'm not through here in a bit so it's very difficult to
to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself fit and at the same time also give away so today I'm gonna share
with you a list of seven foods all of these are vital a vegetarian because I am also a vegetarian so I share a list of
seven vegetarian foods that you can consume which are healthy high in calories I can be very easy include in your
diet so pause I will talk about our protein supplements you get all kinds of protein supplements in the market one of
my favorites being protein eggs however these protein supplements are too expensive for you you can also try this
food product called sub - I don't know was it called in English I'll probably be able to find it on read and put the
name over here in the video itself it's concepto you can mix it with water you can mix it with flowers there's so my
recipes it also tastes really really good you can easily have sat through for two or three times in a day it contains
me user one of 40s and it's [Music] number two bananas there is nothing that has worked as beautiful for me as
bananas the very rich in carbohydrates and a holder of nutrients and you can easily have two to three bananas
throughout the day however Michigan you don't have too many bananas and you gradually increase the amount of
energy consumed you know because having too many fellows can actually to tell me upset which obviously is not
something that we want I'm talking about bananas guys I also love banana milkshake so busy look for a banana
milkshake you just need milk banana and some sugar or honey I prefer having honey instead of sugar it's again
very very heavy and just adds a lot of carries to your body just like that I'm talking about huge calories guides
angles contain a lot of calories or alternatively if you don't want to have onions you can also go for peanuts
depending on your lifestyle your height your weight you can easily have seven to ten animals single day or a boat
full of peanuts as and are you feel like if you like peanut butter that's also a really good thing to have with bread
paratha or anything that you enjoy apart from that you can also try to include a holder of dried fruits in your diet
just keep munching them around the whole day or just keep a few boos around the house so that you'll feel when
you courage to consume them you're in there another man you wonder if that I want to share with you guys
especially for all my Indian viewers out there if you really want to gain weight guys ditch roti and start having more
rice rice actually contains more carbohydrates which in go long way in adding to your weight also talking about
carbohydrates guys but it o is another very good source of carbohydrates which is also very versatile in nature so
basically you can have pointed charts boiled potatoes mashed potatoes really just anything that you feel like having
to add a few extra kgs so parents all I want to share in today's video before I do this video just one bearing points
and I want to mention you guys is that I know a lot of people in order to gain weight this are consuming too many
oils and too much of butter ghee cheese you know these things can to some extent help in gaining weight but they
really destroy your body the same goes for not exercising having sweets or taking random pills and medicines guys
I understand how difficult it can be to gain weight believe me I myself have struggled with it for the longest time but
it really should have come at the cost of your health the foods that I've talked about today every time they will
definitely help you in gaining weight it will not happen immediately I can assure you that that you know if you're
expecting your weight to gain like 5 kgs in one week that's not going to happen you have to keep doing this another
3 or 4 months you'll definitely start seeing a difference in your weight and if you keep this as a part of your like your
diet like I personally you know we consume all of these things very regularly even today like right now I'm happy
with my weight but even then you know used to keep my weight maintained and not to lose weight I keep
consuming these things all the time so that not only keeps my weight stable but also keeps me healthy a part of
that way is please maintain a healthy lifestyle you go for running go to the gym go for dance classes whatever will
you works for you because being fed can go a long way in ensuring that you lead a happy life so that is all we want
to share with you today all the list of foods and all the lists of young with all the lecture guys thank you so much see
don't forget to follow me on my social media for more thank you so much

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